DAM AWARDS 2019: Best Non-Traditional Venue

The Denton Music and Art community doesn’t just rely on the traditional venue, but is celebrated in house shows and unconventional venues alike. Check out your 3rd Annual Non-Traditional Venue Nominees here:

Casa de Monstros - Run by Maritza Vega and Dan Ceske, Casa de Monstros held their first show in June of 2017 and has been supporting the local scene ever since. Vega takes pride in being a woman and person of color in the house show music scene, always promoting diversity through the bookings and focusing on creating a safe space for show goers. Having a hosted a slew of local acts in addition to bringing through national acts, you can always rely on Casa de Monstrous for a carefully crafted line up.

House of God - This DIY House Venue is your weekend stop for taking in all the sounds and sights of local and touring bands through Denton. You can follow their FB page to keep up with shows and stay in the know. As they should, House of God encourages you to respect the space and respect the tunes. Bringing through some of Denton’s finest as well as some unknowns from that weird space that isn't Denton, you can bet you are always in for a good show.

J&J’s Basement - y’all, it’s baaaaaack The infamous ODB is back as the not so ODB with a beautiful space and sound system, hosting shows on the reg. The pain was real when we thought we lost the venue over a year ago, but it now joins the thriving non-traditional venue scene once again. Grab a slice and a Schlitz, and enjoy the local and not so local sounds that make their way through Denton’s favorite basement.

Midway Craft House - 2 years running this non-traditional venue has taken it home, and honestly they continue to support the music, comedy, and art scene with their unique space and no apologies for the toothpaste on aisle 1. I mean, at least there are snacks on aisle 2 right? They continue to support the creative and sometimes kooky creative scene of Denton with open arms, and we continue to applaud them for their inclusiveness.

Studio E - This non-traditional venue is new to the game in 2018 but have won over our community with their willingness to embraces and support creatives in their own unique endeavors. From fashion, to music, art, and an embracement of culture, those folks at Studio E have big hearts for our ever growing town and an open mind for whatever you pursue.

Header Image Photo by Mateo Granados
Header Image Design by Kylie Phillips

Tiffany Johnson