West Oak Celebrates 2 Years and Releases New Winter Menu

One of Denton’s favorite spots to caffeinate, West Oak Coffee Bar, celebrates their two-year anniversary this weekend. Not only will there be plenty of birthday festivities in the shop this Saturday, but West Oak just released their new seasonal menu that will keep your pie cravings fulfilled and your morning coffee-buzzed.

The official birthday celebration kicks off at 5pm on Saturday. Pan Ector will be live screen printing exclusive designs, or you can take advantage of West Oak's vintage apparel sale and wear your favorite cafe’s logo proudly. There will be a tap takeover by Armadillo Ale Works, featuring the "Brunch Money" beer made with West Oak's own coffee. And there’s cake, y'all! A huge birthday cake will be made in-house to commemorate the date, and you can cheers to that with happy hour prices all day on their craft beers and wine.

The party may be this weekend, but you can head there now to taste their new winter menu. The new specials rolled out on Dec. 1st, so here's a peek at several of the brand new drinks, chef specials, pastries, and pies!

Winter Tonic
West Oak is getting crazy, y'all. This winter take on the tonic contains squid ink. Squid. Ink. The barista assures us it’s safe to drink and says it provides an umami aspect that ties the disparate parts of the drink together. He's not lying: while the coffee taste is prevalent, the tonic tastes like a cold winter night, earthy with oak tones, and a hint of blood orange. The garnish, a star anise, is not edible but provides an interesting aroma of licorice that is an unexpected surprise with each sip.

One Cleansing Breath
WOCB certainly knows to make a delicious beverage. With "One Cleansing Breath," however, it's the first time they have created an "intentionally healthful" drink— and they kind of knocked it out of the park. The default almond milk alternative makes this cleansing cup a naturally vegan beverage. It includes the anti-inflammatory ingredients of turmeric and ginger, as well as peppermint, cayenne, and cardamom — all are filled with antioxidants and aid in the relief of pain and tension. No one ingredient overpowers another; it’s all in a harmonious balance that leaves you feeling recharged and energized with just one sip.

Candy Cane Cortado
The "Milk and Honey" espresso blend goes perfectly with the oak aged peppermint syrup, and the glass's rim of sweet peppermint stays on the lips throughout the drink. It teeters on the line of the peppermint overpowering the drink but is still a fair balance of flavors and a sweet treat

Turkey So Gouda
The sourdough is toasted to perfection, and the hearty, savory mix of turkey, gouda, and bacon is cut by the lightness of the roasted apples. A "One Cleansing Breath" paired with this toast would make the ultimate hangover cure. The dish takes all the flavors of winter and piles them onto a piece of sourdough that has just the right amount of crisp on the outside, and is soft and covered in gouda in the middle.

Winter Berry
This sweet vegetarian special features an extremely flavorful homemade berry compote atop creamy ricotta cheese. The tangy compote is complemented by the sweet honey rosemary pecans that add the perfect amount of texture. A wonderful indulgence for those wanting to get a sweet fix.

Gingerbread Pie
It looks like pumpkin pie, your mind even wants to tell you are eating pumpkin pie, but the creamy filling is gingerbread. Your taste buds will be very happy once a forkful hits your mouth. The crust is flaky and easy to cut, so you can get that bite with the perfect filling-to-crust ratio.

Winter Cheer Galette
This French pastry is filled with peach, cranberry, and pecans, with no one ingredient getting lost in the other. The pastry "pocket" taste like a sugar cookie, buttery with sugar crystals, and the “winter spice" mix—a homemade blend of spices—tastes like a cold winter night in the best way.

Blood Orange Scone
This is how I like my scone: falling apart under the slightest bit of pressure from a fork. The blood orange flavor is light, but the shortbread is incredibly full of flavor. It's a great complement to a cup of house brew.

Winter Solstice Sugar Cookie
The name comes from a new loose leaf tea from Kilogram Tea called the Winter Solstice, which West Oak bakes into the cookie. Damn West Oak, this is a good cookie. The outside is baked to just the right amount of crispy-crumbly perfection, while the inside is soft, fluffy, and heavenly. These will undoubtedly sell out, so make sure to stop in early to scoop up one for yourself

Dirty Chai Muffin
Dirty chai lattes are a personal favorite, and I was pumped to see my morning fix in muffin form. Come hungry or with a friend, because the muffin is the size of my face. All the spice notes of a good chai, and the aftertaste is spot-on for the beverage.

What part of West Oak's winter menu do you think is the tastiest? Are you going to the anniversary party? Tag us with #thedentonite on Instagram and Twitter and let us know!

Images by Dmetri Howell
Header image design by Jason Lee