Insomnia Cookies Arrives on Fry St.

With over 90 locations, Insomnia Cookies brings its latest spot to Fry St with a grand opening slated for later today. Delivering warm and delicious cookies to the doors and bellies of Dentonites, you even have the option of getting some cold milk or ice cream to go along with your cookie delivery. The perfect reason to indulge in that sweet tooth craving or make that staff meeting a little more bearable.

 Insomnia offers a wide range in variety and discounts on bulk orders. Cookie flavors include Chocolate Chunk, Double Chocolate Mint, Oatmeal Raisin and the Snickerdoodle, plus you can add on a pint of whole, strawberry, or chocolate milk and ice cream in a pint or quart. BONUS: They have vegan/gluten free options that are available through the shipping option on the menu order screen. 

The latest addition will be located at 106 Fry St., replacing Yogurtland and right next to Chipotle. What brings them to Denton? Alexis Laursen, Marketing Manager, says," Insomnia Cookies looks for active communities where we can really get involved which made Denton a great choice given our location near both UNT and TWU. We also have a location in Lubbock TX, further expansion into Texas has been a goal of ours." Insomnia Cookie makes a great addition to the community, sharing the same philanthropic mission that so many others have in Denton, "We love giving back to the community and getting involved, so we are really excited to work with non-profits and community organizations by providing donations to events in the area."

The average delivery time ranges from 30 to 45 minutes, and you can also track your order with their Cookie Tracker, just try not to obsessively refresh in anticipation of your orders arrival.

Insomnia Cookies was born from the late night cravings of a college student, and has grown into a large business that has multiple locations throughout the East Coast, with the doors first opening in Pennsylvania.  Straight from the oven to your hands, Insomnia Cookies is your next late night stop.


Header Image by Sara Button