Denton Dram: The Ginny Appleseed at Harvest House

We’ve been fortunate over the past couple of weeks to find that the cooler weather is coming out of hiding and gracing all of North Texas with her much-anticipated presence. As Dentonites embrace the fall season, it’s important to know that when the weather cools down, the drinks heat up. Throw on a coat and flock to the fire pits of Harvest House, because they’re bringing us some toasty libations that will warm you from the inside out.

Open spaces paired with cozy wood paneling give Harvest House the ambiance of a familiar cabin. Large windows give way to trees, and even indoors, you’ll find that plants often decorate a table or wall nearby. If you didn’t know better, you’d think you’d been dropped in a quaint forest town where the environment is serene and uninterrupted. It’s the perfect place to meet friends for a drink on their extended patio outdoors, complete with couches and fire-pits for cold weather comfort. The vibes here are very “zen”, from their modest-yet-classic interior to the tree-lined outdoor space with pool tables and a stage, often hosting live music. You could have your choice of 54 beers on tap, any of their house made cocktails or even a non-alcoholic beverage if you prefer.

“We use three fresh house juices that can go by themselves or put in to drinks and mixers. Same with our Kombucha teas on tap--we have those up there to give people a non-alcoholic option.” If none of these suits you, you’re in luck, because just this week, Harvest House is releasing their hot drinks that are starting the season off right. The Ginny Appleseed in particular, a drink crafted by bartender Alvin Davis, is bringing together those quintessential autumn flavors that accompany yellowing leaves and a brisk afternoon. “The Ginny Appleseed is a concoction of barrel aged gin, apple brandy, fresh apple, and cider. The star here is the gin, Austin Reserve Single Barrel series #2,” Davis says. “The spirit is aged for nearly a year in French oak barrels previously used to house Jester King's RU55 - a farmhouse red ale.” In the fashion of any great drink, there are many varying yet robust notes that shine through. The gin and brandy provide different layers of botanicals and spice that are bolstered by the warmth of the cider. With a softer amber color and apple peel garnish, the drink even looks like fall. When taking that first sip, you might expect it to be gin-forward, but in fact it’s very mellow with an almost velvety texture. “This drink is a perfect transition into winter for anyone looking to enjoy a nice cocktail,” Davis says, “and a nod to two great Texas companies — Austin Reserve (Austin Reserve is made by Revolution Spirits) and Jester King Brewery.” It's apple taste is crisp without becoming overly sweet. All in all, it’s the perfect drink for a chilly Denton evening.

As the winter approaches, bar manager Travis Bateman explains that Harvest House is more than ready to accommodate its guests when colder weather arrives. “We’ve got hot coffee, tea, hot water drinks,” Bateman says, “So we’re really prepared to deliver hot toddies and warm cocktails.” Bateman also explains how they’ve added the fire pits and heaters over time in order to provide comfort to those sitting outdoors when the temperatures drop. They’ll continue to showcase live music all through the winter, booked up now through December. Check the events calendar to catch the next show, as they’ll happen on different days each week. No matter whether you’re here for the music, the company, or a spot by the fire, Harvest House is the place to cozy up with a warm cocktail to welcome in the holiday season.

Harvest House is located at 331 E. Hickory Street, open Monday-Friday from 10am-2am and Saturday/Sunday from 12pm-2am.

Header image design by Brittany Keeton