The Dish - Pearl Jam & Heart Roll at RNR Sushi

Our newest installation of The Dish features the Pearl Jam roll from RnR Sushi, one of the more recent additions to the Denton food scene. RnR Sushi opened up quietly in November and has been serving hot sake and flavorful plates ever since. The atmosphere is welcoming, the staff is hospitable, and the menu has a little something for everyone - even that relative that “hates sushi.”

Every roll is named after a rock band, and the menus are featured inside the wallet of an old record sleeve. The Pearl Jam came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Yellowtail, albacore Tuna with spicy mayo, topped with red Tuna, and crab meat. The perfectly sized bites are framed by eel sauce and sweet chili sauce, with a garnish of sesame seeds on top.  


I loved that the sauces weren’t poured onto the roll, but used as a way to enhance the flavors of the plate by being left off. Dragging the piece of sushi through the sauce keeps everything crispy, and allows the integrity of the dish to be sustained.

Each flavor hits the palette, and the savory eel sauce and sweet chili sauce balances nicely with the light flavor profiles of the fish.

The Heart Roll, served fried or bake, combines shrimp tempura, crab, cream cheese, and is topped with baked crab meat, seasoned crawfish, jalapeño, spicy mayo, eel sauce, sweet chili sauce and crunchy flakes.



The crawfish and shrimp are extremely flavorful, with ocean-like flavors and a nice meaty texture, and the crab brings an earthy nuttiness to the plate. Fresh cut jalapenos and the spicy mayo bring a heat that builds without overpowering all the ingredients. The sauces add a sweet and savory note to the dish, that balance the heat and round out the flavors.

As a light starter you should try the Tuna Tataki, seared sliced red tuna served on a bed of spring mix, topped with sweet chili, eel sauce, ponzu sauce, and sprinkled with sesame seeds

RNR Sushi.jpg

The richness of the eel sauce, brightness of the ponzu, topped with sweet chili, brings a lot of flavors to your palette, but the spring mix cuts through the savory flavors and adds some texture to the lightly seared tuna.

Wondering where the heck RnR Sushi came from? Yep, me too. I was excited to meet one of the owners, Rick Villarreal who was previously an Athletic Director at UNT, and General Manager Leon Rivera, a fellow foodie, who took me through the menu and provided some backstory on what brought RnR Sushi to the H2 Lofts. 

When Villarreal first got married he was in the food business, owning several Dominoes in the North Alabama area, but his passion was for coaching, and he would go on to spend a decade coaching college ball. After spending 20 years in the athletic administration, he stepped back into his hospitality shoes, and after a lot of thought and time spent in researching and getting to know the ownership of the brand, Villarreal and the other owners decided that this was something that would work in the little d. 

The menu is a pleaser to all palettes, with traditional options, some rock n roll inspired rolls, as well as a full hibachi offering for those who prefer their fish and proteins cooked. Currently, there isn't a lunch menu or happy hour, but it is something we can look forward to in the coming weeks. 

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Thursday 11-9pm
Friday and Saturday 11-10pm
321 West Hickory, Suite 100

Photos Provided by RNR Sushi
Header Image by Christopher Rodgers

Tiffany Johnson