Killer's Tacos Does Kick Ass Vegan Tacos

The taco game is strong here in Denton, and Killer's Tacos is serving up plates you don't want to be sleeping on. 

In addition to their regular menu offerings, Killer's Tacos also features a Taco of the Month. This month you can dive into the South by Southwest.

The South by Southwest (pictured left) is stuffed full with homemade vegan chorizo, corn, black beans, baja cabbage, baja sauce, and sriracha. The homemade chorizo is full of flavor, tossed with the black beans and corn to make a hearty and delicious combination. The baja cabbage cuts through the heat of the sriracha sauce, and adds another texture to the taco. You could fool any carnivore with this taco, and while some vegan offerings can leave you still wanting more, the South by Southwest is flavorful and filling.

Killers Tacos Header.JPG

The Nature Muncher (pictured above, right) combines hummus, portobello mushroom, grilled poblano, onion, baja slaw, fresh spinach, and meaner green salsa. This isn't your regular ol' vegetarian taco. Spicy, earthy, fresh, and bright flavors come together for a delicious combination that will satisfy your taste buds.

For those vegetarians who have a love for cheese, the Sofa King Cheeeseey piles cheddar, jack, and feta cheeses, goat cheese coulis, grilled poblano, and onion on a bed of fresh spinach. 

Killer's Tacos has plenty of vegetarian options and is happy to sub out listed proteins for other plant-based options they have available at that time. 

Header image layout designed by Cristopher Rodgers