Denton Dram - Get Cozy with Greenhouse Cold Weather Cocktails

As a lover of all things food and drink, one of my favorite parts about the change to colder temps is the boozy cold weather craft cocktails that warm our hands and our souls from frigid Texas weather, well when it’s not in the 70’s at least.


The Greenhouse monthly specials menu features a stacked line up of hand crafted concoctions that are sure to bring a little heat to these chillier nights. The lovely bartender on staff Monday evening (also Jazz night), Nolan, guided me through the January specials and gave me a tour of the latest libations.


I started with an Espresso Yourself, this cocktail combines Courvoisier and Salted Caramel Baileys with chocolate, espresso, and then topped with toasted marshmallows. This indulgent take on the hot chocolate is sure to give you a second wind with a kick of espresso that perks up the senses. The drinks treads far away from pretentious and instead brings a feel of nostalgia, like being wrapped in a warm cozy blanket next to a campfire. Every sip brings an inhale of the toasted marshmallows, and the no fuss hot chocolate mix combined with the salted caramel has you feeling like a kid again. The marshmallows slowly melt and the drink gets creamier with each sip.

espresso yourself.jpg
espresso yourself 2.jpg


Followed up by the Banana Nut Bread, mixing Malibu Banana rum, hazelnut notes from the Frangelico, chai tea, topped with cream and sprinkled with nutmeg. The first sip might leave you with a whip cream mustache but all the ingredients meld into each other, leaving the taste of fresh baked banana bread on the palette. The spice from the chai, sweetness of the banana, earth tones from the hazelnut, create a light and bright cocktail that is the perfect pairing for a chilly North Texas night.

banana nut bread 2.jpg
Banana Nut Bread 1.jpg

My indulgence may have stopped there, but the menu does not. For a unique taste on a steamed drink, Paris is Burning keeps it simple, brandy and Chambord steamed with fresh lemon. If you want a kick to the palette this will do it, combining the bite of citrus with the smooth sweetness of the liquors to create one sense awakening sip.


The Brown Buttered Cider is a house made brown butter infused Meyers Dark rum steamed with apple cider. SImple, spicy, and sweet, this take on a holiday classic is sure to warm you up to the core.


If 2018 hasn’t taken you to the Greenhouse yet, make sure it is your next stop for lunch, dinner, or brunch. They added some new items to the brunch menu, Moon Waffles y’all, and they now offer beer flights that change with each months new specials menu. Plus, you won’t want to miss their Jazz Night, with cheap drinks, smooth tunes, and some of Denton’s most talented musicians.


Header Image by Christopher Rodgers