Everyday Nectar Expands Menu

Everyday Nectar is one of Denton’s growing options for smoothies, fresh squeezed and cold pressed juices. In addition to these offerings, you could also check out their daily soup specials, Salad Shakers, and Chicken Salad. They are coming up on their 1 year Anniversary, and are celebrating by not only being your go to a for a healthy shot of energy in juice form, but now your one stop shop for healthy meals on the go in addition to offering several different juice cleanse options.

“Originally when we started this up, the plan was to hit the 1 year mark before we started offering a wider variety of food options. We’re about two weeks away and nows the time. Everything is starting to fall into place. So we’ve begun creating different options that will appeal to everyone,” says Owner,Corey Bobbitt. Appealing to not only those on gluten free or plant based diets, the new menu items will also include a wide variety of protein options including grilled chicken, and smoked or grilled salmon. The later will be supplied from Juicy Pig, and in an effort to Keep it Local, Everyday Nectar will continue to source all the ingredients they can from local farms and vendors. Speaking of vendors, you can also scoop up the delicious baked goods of Vegan Freak while getting that morning wheatgrass shot.

 The menu is looking pretty stacked, with plenty of opportunities to customize your own healthy meal. “We’re doing pressed sandwiches, veggie sandwiches as well as protein like smoke or grilled salmon, chicken, we will do salmon salad, and all sandwiches with the options to press them,” says Bobbitt. Pressing the sandwich gives a nice crisp toast to the bread, and gives you a hot lunch option for those cold winter days to come. With lunch specials on the way, half sandwich with one of their house made soups, or soup and salad combos, sticking to those New Year’s resolutions is looking like a piece of, well, delicious banana nut bread from Vegan Freak.

One of the most exciting options is the new Buddha Bowls. You begin with a bed of greens, spinach, kale, or romaine, then choosing a complex carb, pick your veggie, choose your protein from quinoa, bean, smoked salmon, grilled chicken options, add something sweet like dried berries, put in a crunch element, then finish it off with a wide variety of seeds and nuts, and a in-house made balsamic vinaigrette that is sweetened with agave nectar on the side. “We want it to be where people come in a give us feedback so that we can add or take away anything that’s going good or not going good, we want that community feedback,” says Bobbitt.  

A new addition to their shelves is another commonly seen item at the Denton Community Market, the ether elixir 100% Juice Kefir. This grab and go immune system boost is made of 100% certified organic juice and contains nearly 10 billion active probiotic cultures, to help keep your insides healthy. I was able to scoop up one of the last Green Goddess cold pressed juice bottles so I could get my greens on the go, and was pleasantly surprised to find a selection of flavors from Holy Kombucha also included in Everyday Nectar’s latest offerings. 

With this new menu expansion, the continued emphasis on supporting local, and a wide selection of juices and smoothies to help you be kind to your body, Everyday Nectar is taking big strides to broaden the more health conscious food options in Denton.


Header Image by Jason Lee