GreenHouse Rolls Out New Menu

GreenHouse has graced the corner of Locust and Congress for going on 18 years, and their General Manager Nicole Probst has been there for 17 of those years. Working through college and then stepping up into management after graduation, she has seen not only Denton change, but the area around GreenHouse and the many faces of her menu change, as well. 

The drink menu is full of hand crafted libations and even a selection of cocktails that are inspired by Jazz Musicians or famous books. For those that don’t frequent their Monday Jazz night, you should add that to your weekly rotation! Only at GreenHouse can you enjoy a Romeo & Juliet to the sweet sounds of smooth melodies from the bar top or let the sound waft into your ears sitting on their spacious patio.

GreenHouse added Brunch in mid-September, and it began quietly. GreenHouse offers something new to the brunch scene with their waffles and stacks. Though their sister restaurant, Cafe Loco, is just a stone’s through away, the GH brunch is unique and amidst other things, offers potato pancakes you can’t find anywhere else in Denton.

“We borrow some things, they (Loco Cafe) make all of our desserts, and they (Juicy Pig) makes our brisket for our tacos, but one of my favorite things is you can have a meal from all three places in the same day and feel like you ate a completely different meal at all three restaurants,” says Probst.

The previous menu felt heavy, and was organized in a way that didn’t allow the eyes to flow from appetizer to entree. “I think this whole menu is easier to comprehend, easier to order from,” Probst explains of the cleanly designed layout. The options are easy to take in and not too overwhelming with simple explanations of each dish and the items that compliment the protein.

Don’t dismay, some of your favorites are still there but maybe the sauce changed, or the side is something that more cohesively fits the flavor profile of the dish. “We were a little more intentional and thoughtful about how we put the plates together, so even a few items that stayed from the old menu got side items and toppings paired with them.” Once you try the new mac and cheese you’ll certainly be asking for more, and now they have expanded their menu offerings to include single or shared sides as well, so you can leave the flatware on the table and not have to battle anyone for the last bite.

The new menu also sees the addition of new cuts of steak. “We have a wood fire grill and there was no reason not to expand the steak offerings,” says Probst, “it’s there, so why not feature them, not a lot of people have a woodfire grill.” Not a lot of people have so many years of restaurant management under their belt either, and the new level of maturity that speaks from the menu is a true reflection of the time that Probst and her staff have put into the conception of the new and reinvented menu plates. Probst and the wonderful kitchen staff at GreenHouse kindly prepared us a small menu of some of their newest and reinvented creations. Somehow, we all managed to crawl out of our food coma to write this review of the new dishes.

Bone-In Porkchop

The Pork Chop came out looking, well, sexy. It was a beautiful plate of food, and even though I typically prefer a sweeter side to my pork chop, the tomato reduction that spilled out from underneath complemented the flavors of the pork perfectly. Leaving the bone in gave the meat so much additional flavor,  and the subtle spiciness of the chipotle mash potatoes countered the sweet notes of the crispy onions. The potatoes were hardly a plate filler either, with the heat sneaking up on the back end. As I battled my fellow editors for the last of the plate, the little bit of everything on my fork was the absolute perfect bite. - Tiffany Johnson


Greenhouse has really stepped up their seafood game on their revamped menu. The salmon is tender enough to cut with a fork. The accompanying lemon risotto and cucumber-mango relish are a perfect complement. This is a deceptively big meal, too—filling, fresh, and delicious. You may end up taking seconds home. - Bess Whitby

6 Taco Combo - 2 of each Mahi-Mahi Taco, Avocado, Brisket

I’m not really a fish taco person, but the Mahi-Mahi taco may have changed my tune a little bit. The fish is cubed and cooked perfectly, then topped with slaw and mango pico. The taco is filling but not too heavy; this would make for a great summer meal. We were told that Greenhouse’s salsa recipe is the same, but somehow it tastes even better on the new tacos. - BW

When I was a Vegetarian the avocado tacos were my go-to, but they were a little too greasy and heavy on the cheese. These reinvented Avocado Tacos are a completely different story. The cheese is subtle and allows you to really taste the onions, peppers, and generous serving of avocado. The salsa is on point, they may claim it’s the same recipe but the consistency and spice paired with the tacos is such a great balance of heat. - TJ

The Brisket Tacos made a mouth watering comeback, and the brisket is from the BBQ haven next door, The Juicy Pig. The tangy tomatillo salsa, you can now also find on the black bean tamales too, is a great compliment to the brisket and the flour tortilla makes the perfect vessel to soak up all those juices. This hearty taco won't leave you full after just one, so you can leave room for the others and try not over indulge on the chips and salsa. - TJ

Fish & Chips

Fried fish may not be appealing to everyone, but we highly recommend you give Greenhouse’s take on fish & chips a shot. The beer batter is more like tempura than traditional breading, which keeps the fish from being too heavy, and the truffle fries are to die for. (You could honestly make a meal out of the fries alone.) Be careful, though: the caper remoulade is so delicious you might end up asking for seconds. - BW


Bella Sandwich

When talking with Nicole, I had expressed to her my disdain for all things pimento. When I took my first bite of the Bella Sandwich I hadn’t fully read the description, and can now eat my words. Literally. The portabella cap is a generous size, earthy, so flavorful and the smoked pimento cheese is a delightfully  creamy compliment to the boldness of the mushroom. The Brioche bun brings a subtle sweetness, that brings it all home in a bite that is savory and a little sweet. So thankful they kept those sweet potato fries, and they're just as amazing as I remembered. - TJ

Wood Fired Sirloin

In Texas, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t appreciate a good steak, and Greenhouse is well-versed in cooking a good steak. Their sirloin, cooked rare, was tender, juicy and perfectly seared. While the steak was solid all on its own, the true magic was in the paired sides. The mac and cheese was creamy and topped with what seemed to be candied bacon. The sweetness of the bacon added a delightful contrast to a familiar staple, giving it a touch of something unexpected. The charred Brussels sprouts had a hint of balsamic flavor that will surely be re-created at home. The texture was everything you’d ever want from a sprout: crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Paired together, the flavors all worked together to provide a thoroughly comforting and satisfying meal with just enough variation to ensure that it shines. - Emily Cline

Photos by Emily Cline
Header image design by Brittany Keeton