Denton Dram: Komodo Loco Sour

Over the past couple of weeks, Dentonites have been hustling through the doors of the hot new restaurant and bar Komodo Loco. All social media platforms are buzzing with praise and photos of their delectable offerings, be it sushi or the famed “totchos.” On par with Komodo’s diverse culinary options is their cocktail menu. Notably, their “Komodo Sour” has been capturing Denton’s attention and is fastly becoming a contender to rival some of the best cocktails in town.

The Downtown Denton Square can be difficult to navigate, especially for the out- of-towner. One-way streets and back-in parking can make the space between Hickory and Oak seem like a veritable labyrinth. However, if you know your way around you’ll swiftly maneuver on to the unseen side street of Oakland that runs just parallel to Oak Street Drafthouse and Cocktail Parlor. This is where new sushi and sake hub Komodo Loco rests just beyond the bustle of the main streets. When you enter this hidden gem you’ll see a brightly lit bar that warmly welcomes each patron who comes through the doors. The space isn’t large, but is well utilized and each room feels inviting, intimate.

Inside the vibe is exotic but not intimidating. There is a custom painted tableau on the wall featuring a dragon and a backlit bar that boasts an array of sake, not common for places on the Square. Owners Corey Bobbitt, Micah Fleck and Kyle Krueger are around often, whether it be helping out in the kitchen to making cocktails. Krueger says of the cocktails, “We have some that are fruity, others are fun with a little sake infusion…we want to be known as a cocktail bar as well. Not just a sake and sushi bar.” While they offer such favorites such as a mule or a mojito, their Komodo Sour is taking the reins in the first few weeks they’ve been open. Compiled of Dickel Rye whiskey, sake, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, agave nectar and jalapeño Tabasco sauce, this cocktail is a mélange of unlikely flavors that work harmoniously together.

When you take a sip of the Komodo Sour, you feel as if you’ve invited a bunch of people to a party that you were certain wouldn’t get along, but in fact they did! It’s a beautiful coupling of savory and sweet. There’s acidity from the lemon juice and a slight fruitiness from the grapefruit juice. The jalapeño Tabasco adds just the right amount of heat that hits your tongue with fervor but fades just as fast. Sake has a certain clean taste that provides a balance for the entire beverage. This is truly a cocktail to warm your insides and satisfy your craving for intense taste and an unequivocal flavor profile. As for sake, Komodo Loco is bringing in a list that’s accessible and suited for any palate. “I think it’s an untapped market, really,” Krueger says, “Maybe you don’t want a beer, or a vodka and soda, and you’re not in the wine mood…maybe you should try a sake! And our cocktails are a good bridge for that.”

It’s heavily advised that you swing through this hidden joint and try a bottle of sake, or friendly cocktail. Mondays are half-priced sake night, so there’s no excuse to sample all this place has to offer.



Photo by Lauren Coe

                                                                                Header Image by Jason Lee