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A good rule of thumb: when you’re feeling pissed off at the world and don’t even know what to do with it, donate, support and buy the art of marginalized people. Collective action matters, but also think about your individual impact, there are things you can be doing right now and every day. So, when you say you support trans lives, actually do it. We have comprised this list with some bios, which is obviously not comprehensive, but we hope it helps the people on it get some support in whatever way they are asking. Moreover, you can also go down these hashtags on Twitter and run them their bag: #transcrowdfund #blktranscrowdfund

Keep this list handy. When shit in this world is (constantly) hitting the fan, think about spending some of your energy donating and supporting.


Dominyk Adonis Bakari is an Entrepreneurship major at the University of North Texas. Dom aspires to bring light to transgender men of color in the business industry. You can support Dominyk at or Venmo: @dominyk-Bakari.


Frank is a transgender, Denton based multimedia artist. They work with clay, fibers, sound, paint and pretty much anything they can get their hands on. They are also a firm believer in intersectional activism, as well as environmental activism. Frank hopes to create a small art collective focused on uplifting local trans and queer artists, as well as re-use of materials in art. You can support Frank’s work at Venmo: @frank_zebra_shark.


Photo by Saraphimart.

Hollie Biemeret is a trans non-binary drag/burlesque performer, makeup artist, and musician who has been active in the Denton Queerlesque scene for over 3 years. They perform at Glitterbomb at Andy’s frequently as well as all over the DFW metroplex as their personas Lana Del Gay and Ike Onyk. Hollie has performed with drag artists such as Laganja Estranja, Violet Chachki, Kennedy Davenport, and Asia O’Hara. They are also a classically trained vocalist and pianist with an emphasis in opera and broadway. Hollie was also nominated for Best Queerlesque Performer for the 2018 DAM Awards. Their main goal is to one day travel across the world performing drag/burlesque and also do hair and makeup for film and television.

Recently, they got in a car accident that is hindering their ability to travel for work/performing. If you would like to donate to help with legal fees and affording a new car, anything would help!

Here’s where you can support Hollie:

Performance IG:@lanaandikequeerlesque

Makeup IG:@Stache_and_lash

FB: Lana Del Gay, Ike Onyk


Cash App: $HollieBiemeret


My name is Mac Aiden Cepeda, my pronouns are he/him/his.

I identify as a queer, trans person of color. I’m a full time college student at the University of North Texas with an integrated major of Entrepreneurship, Human Development and Communications with a minor in LGBT Studies and Music. My goals for the future are to advocate for education and understanding surrounding the LGBTQ+ community through the production of my own resource center for similarly identifying individuals. All while incorporating my own twist of musical/art therapy.

You can support Mac’s work at


Kayla DePretto is a singer/songwriter/voice actor based in Denton. They are a reformed opera singer, currently studying jazz at UNT. Their passions include keeping animals around at all times, checking out local Queer events whenever possible, and clapping on 2 and 4. Kayla is always looking to fund new music projects, but has had to put a lot of that on hold in lieu of keeping up with everyday expenses as a full time student - feel free to send support via Venmo: @Kayla-DePretto You can keep up with performance dates and new material on their Instagram: @krdepretto.

Photo by Zendra Morales.

Thanks to his friends and the Denton community, James has found validation and support for not only his identity but also his creative work. A self-proclaimed reincarnation of James Dean, he’s read his work at an open mic at Cheers for Queers co-hosted by Spiderweb Salon. He’s currently toiling away on a novel about transgender werewolves, horror short stories and non-fiction pieces focused around his experiences as a Latinx transman.

You can support James and find out what he’s up to at

Photo by Saraphimart.

“I am here to stay. I grew up as a “tomboy,” even called myself a lesbian. The photos I share do not show the drastic changes a lot of Trans guys experience. I came out at seventeen to people in my life. Binding for seventeen years damaged my heart and lungs. My Christian Mema and my mom raised me. Mom raised me in a strong, spiritual, feminist home. I am thankful to them both. I believe they made me the man I am today. A proud person, before and after transitioning. I will not be erased." Dylyn is a performer at Glitterbomb Denton. You can support him at Venmo: @Dylyn-Lewis, his performer page, or see him perform on Thursday nights at Andy's!

Oliver is a proud member of the Port Gamble S’klallam tribe. He was raised by a single mother and is a Utah/California transplant. He has been a Dentonite for over a decade, and is now a manager at Cool Beans. He is a musician but has stage fright, so you will just have to trust that he is at least mediocre. Oliver is struggling to reach his financial goal for top surgery, and would be forever grateful for any donations! You can support Oliver at Venmo: @oxinfreee.


Hanlyn Tyler and is a junior studying political science and public relations at UNT. They started testosterone over three years ago but have never been able to get top surgery, but with your support we can make that dream a reality! They strive to become a lawyer in order to fight for the protections of our civil rights. They are a member of UNT’s University Program Council, a volunteer voter registrar in Denton County, a vegetarian for over five years, an Aries, and a transgender person who would appreciate your support! You can support Hanlyn at, : hanlyntyler.

Kurt is a toothy trans masc person who loves and cherishes Denton for all that it is. He is, among other things, a barista, a UNT English grad, a performer, a writer, and a food and justice enthusiast.

Venmo: @Kurt-VanZandt


Photo by Charlie Collier.

Eli Webb is a local dance maker and performance artist who performs burlesque, modern dance, and dance theatre. They create short dance films and collaborative improvisational dance works that have been presented around DFW. In December, they earned their BA in Dance Studies from TWU and plans to perform nationally. Eli has danced at venues varying from proscenium stages to nature preserves. They believe in creating interactive, entertaining, and accessible works that create a therapeutic experience for viewers of all demographics! You can occasionally see them shake their butt at Denton Glitterbomb as Sodi Scum Moore. You can support Eli at Venmo: @eliwebb5, Bravo: @Sodi S, and Instagram: @sodi.yum

Tucker Jace Webb is a media arts major and photography minor at the University of North Texas. TJ pushes for representation of the transgender community in media. He wants to see more transgender creators as the trans perspective in art is something that is paramount and necessary in today's society.

You can support TJ at, Venmo: @tjmakes, and Cash App: $tjmakes.


Erin Holder (she/they)

Hello! I’m Erin, I’m a non binary trans girl who loves music and her cats. I love writing music, playing video games, and hanging with my pals! I am currently paying for HRT out of pocket while working at a restaurant, and want to begin saving for FFS. Any help would be greatly appreciated! <3

venmo: Erin-holder-

Adam Rutledge (he/his) is a female to male transgender, pansexual, first-generation college student majoring in psychology and anthropology while working on Spanish fluency. He will be entering the Peace Corps after graduation and then moving forward to graduate school to earn my Ph.D. He plans to find a way to combine my intersecting interests in clinical psychology and applied anthropology.  He said he is  someone who is expressively passionate about seeking universal justice and equality. He consistently works to improve his moral compass and to educate myself on the matters that present obstacles to successful equity. It is his life goal to conduct research that may be interpreted for the purpose of deconstructing biases on a national level and to promote conscious and empirically-backed practices in multiple jurisdictions of the institutions that serve our society.

venmo: adamrutledge99

Judith Andrea Mitchell (she/her)

Judith Andrea Mitchell has lived in Denton since 2012 except for a brief stent in Fayetteville, AR, that only lasted 8 months before rushing back. Judy plays music with her brother and 2 long time friends in the band Record Setter. She hopes to see continued progress regarding the inclusion of trans/non-male bands or artists in a scene that is traditionally cis-male dominant. Judy is saving for gender affirming surgeries and electrolysis. She pays for HRT, check ups and blood work out of pocket. Any donations appreciated.

@songsbyjudy on Twitter

$songsbyjudy on cashapp

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