Pagan Pop-Up Vol. 1 To Bring a Little Magic to Denton

Something magical will be happening at Armadillo Ale Works on Jan. 27: the very first Pagan Pop-Up presented by Brujaus, Marrow & Moss and Armadillo Ale Works. In addition to being good, pagan fun, the event is also going to be raising money for the Presbyterian Children's Home.

What is this Pagan Pop-Up exactly? Well the event was created by Di Corral and Morgan Hanneken of Brujaus and Marrow & Moss. In a statement to The Dentonite, the two described Pagan Pop-Up as “an event for everyone under that ‘pagan’ umbrella to feel at home with fellow pagans. It is a place to reunite and to behold. A place of belonging when often times we are not accepted for our beliefs. It is an event to celebrate whatever it is that gives you life and breathes joy and purpose into that life.”

In addition to twenty vendors at the event selling pagan related items, there will also be live music, some traditional teachings, tea and tarot readings, delicious cajun food from Later Gater Catering, ale and live tee-shirt printings from PINT Services.

Di and Morgan were inspired to create Pagan Pop-Up for pagans to feel accepted as a different, yet normal community without the pressures of being branded as outcasts by the new ways. They wanted to create a fun and safe space for the growing community of artisans and practitioners to gather. The two also took it upon themselves to create an opportunity to give back the the community.

“We both find giving back to our community a very important part of the human experience, so we wanted to have an opportunity to do so,” Corral and Hanneken said. “A local charity was on our minds and with the help of our friends at PINT Services we decided to raise money for the local Denton children's home.”

Going more into detail about how money will be raised for the charity, they said “a bit of the proceeds from all the event shirts sold will go to them and we will be running a silent auction with 100 percent of the proceeds going straight to the children's home.”

If you’re looking to have a unique, magic-filled Sunday, you might just want to check out Pagan Pop-Up Vol. 1. The event will be held at Armadillo Ale Works Jan. 27 from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., we are certainly looking forward to it.

Music Line-up

2:30pm - the sheets

3:30pm - Springtime and the Changes

4:30 - The Delzells

5:30 - Hextape & Ecchi Beats

6:30 - Raye Batte & Aditi Saraab

7pm - Upsetting

Vendor Line-up


Daphne’s Delights

All Hallows Productions

Beasley Blades

Sobrino Rare Books

The Proof Bakery

Art With Latex

Crow Magick

The Blue Lotus Shop

A Beauty Way

Luna Narcissa

Moonlights Apothecary

Artio Artisanals

Ains & Elke StyleHaus

Kailur Jewelry

Marvel + Moon

Marrow + Moss

Robyn’s Nest

Red Milk Crone

Horror Freak


Essentially Unfiltered

Armadillo Ale Works

Pint Services

Later Gater Catering

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