The Denton Scribe Vol. 1

We are proud to present Volume 1 of The Denton Scribe. In this issue, you’ll find a wonderfully diverse presentation of poetry and prose. Nate Logan brings us “First of All, How Dare You,” a beautifully drawn combination of wit and eccentricity. Isabel Crespo’s “Help” draws us in with stunning imagery and well-constructed musicality. Sarah Hassell drops us at the doorstep of her visceral and sometimes heart-breaking world in “The Irony of Dead Flowers.” Finally, Randall Arnold presents “Anytime She Goes Away” where the line of prose and poetry blurs as he moves us through a fantastical and bizarre situation that showcases the depth of human emotion with a touch of humor.

Please send us your work for the next edition of The Denton Scribe to We'll be accepting submissions for our next issue through December 10th. Thanks, and enjoy!

First of All, How Dare You
By Nate Logan

By Isabel Crespo

Non-Fiction Prose
The Irony of Dead Flowers
By Sarah Hassell

Fiction Prose
Anytime She Goes Away
By Randall G. Arnold

Header image design by Brittany Keeton