First of All, How Dare You
By: Nate Logan

Sunny-side up eggs in the breakfast nook.
A kind of a kind of nook. Horror is a toxic
plant that doesn’t grow in my yard. Light
beams the table and we’re in the catalogue
advertisement. I have a compulsion to make
something practical out of wood. Maybe
in an alternate dimension. It will seemingly
be an average weekend. Then, someone
who looks exactly like me, haircut included,
comes knocking. He is selling photographs
of my dachshund, six years from now. 
First of all, how dare you, I say. My wife,
mortified, says the same thing. He holds
the frame up, Margot lying down in front
of her bowl. I shut the door and he walks
across the street to try again. My wife
cries, Who would do such a thing? And I
don’t know, me, I guess, or someone who
looks exactly like me. My eggs now overcast. 
I’m watching myself out there, knocking
on every door. I will break your heart.


Nate Logan is from Indianapolis, Indiana. Some of his recent work is forthcoming from Sea Foam Magazine and Yes, Poetry. He edits and publishes Spooky Girlfriend Press.