Denton Scribe Vol. 2

Thank you for stopping in to check out our second installment of The Denton Scribe — a literary segment that provides writers the freedom to explore every genre, subject, and form they choose. We’re happy to see a wonderful amount of fiction prose and poetry coming our way that really showcases the unique and varied styles of our very own Dentonites. 

Leah Tieger presents two poems, “Eat” and “Only Her Name Returns,” that introduce the reader to her world of surreality, inside which soft and sharp become one. She provides us with raw, visceral imagery that still maintains its serenity, layered with cool emotion. Ira Wile stitches heart and humor together in his poem “shakespeare in the damn park” with beauty and character both carefully navigated. Wile will have you wanting to revisit this piece again and again. In Zedidiah Word’s fiction piece, “Lawful Order,” he takes the reader inside a dystopian society with a dark reflection on how social media can penetrate our lives beyond what we even thought imaginable. To journey through his dark, tangled world is to enter in to a Black Mirror-esque civilization that is as fascinating as is it mysterious, and at times a bit sinister. 

Please continue to send us your work! We are accepting submissions for Vol. 3 through February 10th th by email at The Denton Scribe is looking for poetry, nonfiction prose and fiction prose of any genre. E-mail us if you have any questions, and we look forward to hearing from you. 

Lawful Order
by Zedidiah Word

"Eat" and "Only Her Name Returns" by Leah Tieger

"shakespeare in the damn park" by Ira Wile

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eader image design by Brittany Keeton