Frenchy's Honored for Support of Local Art

Today at 4 PM, the icon behind the orange vans on Dallas Drive, André J. "Frenchy” Rheault, and his wife, Teri Rheault, will be honored for their support and patronage for the Denton art community with a sidewalk star dedication from the Greater Denton Arts Council. The ceremony will take place at Campus Theatre on Hickory, followed by orange refreshments in the lobby.

Frenchy and Teri originally moved to Denton from Columbus, Mississippi in 1985 to be closer to Teri’s mother. The owner and president of Frenchy’s Lawn and Tree Service explained in an interview with The Dentonite that before the move, Frenchy himself had never really experienced the arts. However, it was clear the arts were prevalent and thriving in Denton. In particular, attending shows sparked the couple’s interest. 

“The passion in the cast and the level of entertainment that they were creating was something that Teri and I knew we wanted to be a part of,” Rheault explained. “We became donors not long after, and I began advertising and promoting the local arts events in the community on my vans on Dallas Dr.”

Frenchy believes the Denton arts community provides a vital outlet for talented individuals in Denton to share and create their work. And by sharing their work these artists create a sense of culture which ranges from the youngest to the oldest members. He expressed an overwhelming appreciation upon hearing he and Terri would be receiving a honor for their support. 

“When I began posting my messages on my vans years ago my hope and goal I suppose was to recognize those within the community who do so much and maybe never get the recognition that they deserve but to have a part of that community turn around and recognize me and my wife  is such an honor,” he said. 

In a statement to The Dentonite, Executive Director Tracy Bays-Boothe, on behalf of the Greater Denton Arts Council and Capital Campaign committee, expressed gratitude for both Frenchy and Teri’s long-standing support of the art community. 

“Because of their generosity, artists and the community will continue to enjoy these historic arts facilities for years to come,” she said. 

Frenchy hopes for more diversity within the arts programs and creative outlets provided by Denton, citing the uniqueness of the city itself. He also urges the addition and creation of new art platforms that will enhance the lives of those in Denton. When asked if he had anything else to add, the iconic Dentonite had this to say:

“I just encourage the community to really get out and explore all that our arts community has to offer. Try something new, explore the possibilities of the city, and experience the amazing art that comes from the people of Denton,” Frenchy concluded.

Leader image design by Brittany Keaton