VIDEO: Denton Does Music with The Moths

"We are the dark card, or the dark side of the butterfly,” this is how Matt Bach “Keith Bach” describes the name of their alt-blues rock band, The Moths.

Chris Huber “Danny Conrad”, Formed the band around winter 2016, after meeting bassist Cooper Thomson “Cooper Rocchio” at a Christmas party. Chris and Cooper went through a couple of guitarists and drummers before settling down with Keith and Trevor Stroud “Trevor Scoundrel”. Now after little over a year, The Moths have teamed up with audio engineer Michael Briggs of Civil Recording to create their first self-titled Album. Most of the songs on the Album are revised versions of Danny’s demos that he created before he formed the band.

“A lot of the songs that we worked with are the demos that Chris (Danny) Originally came up with. We took some of the best ones of those and changed them for the band, and put them in our own style.”

-Cooper “Rocchio” Thomson

The band takes influences from many different forms of rock, metal, folk, this give it a unique quirky sound with lyrics that focus on personal experiences. The mood of the album as real angst, Trevor outlines. “Whether that angst be in anger or sexual attraction… it’s just pulling you in all directions sometimes.”

From watching Danny, Keith, Cooper, and Trevor interactions, not only are they able to jam out, they are able to, as Danny puts it, “What makes a band thrive is the compatibility of the members outside of the practice space… Just make sure you can get a beer (with your bandmates). Keep it light.”

The Moths self-titled Album will be released on March 10 on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Physical CD. alongside a music video for one of their new songs “Teenage Groove”. 

To find the new album and updates from the band, follow The Moths on their Facebook page.


Video produced, shot, and edited by Hayden Zaiser
Header image design by Brittany Keeton