SERIES PREMIERE: Strange Denton Episode 1 - Flat Denton

For our inaugural episode of “Strange Denton” we sat down with Denton’s own Patrick Burke to discuss the movement behind a different way of looking at our place in the universe. You may have seen his cars around town, they are often parked on the Square or Fry St., each adorned with various Hawaiian leis, spray paint, a telescope, and even a few stickers denoting Patrick and other’s belief in Flat Earth. Hoping to go viral, he leaves them around town in an attempt to draw attention to the cause.

Patrick invites those skeptics who would doubt the validity of his claim to engage him in conversation in hopes that he might be able to persuade them otherwise.  We wanted to learn more about where Patrick’s passion comes from, and why he feels it's important to pass his knowledge onto others.

Producers Joseph Medina & Brittany Keeton

Filmed by Dylan Vargas

Edited by Robert Tagliaferro

Intro Sequence Robert Tagliaferro & Dylan Vargas