This Friday She-Rock is Landing on Denton with a Bang

No one in DFW will be celebrating the weekend of International Women’s Day like Denton will when She-Rock lands on Backyard on Bell. Local non-profit Friends with Benefits went for a moonshot in putting together She-Rock, a two-day event featuring the fiercely talented Sarah Jaffe, M3CCA, Pearl Earl, Lardi B, and more.

For FWB president Mindy Arendt, it’s a chance to show that the creative community of Denton can set an example of inclusion, love, and acceptance. When talking with Arendt, it’s clear there’s a lot of joy in setting up a fun charity event with womxn power that will benefit homeless women veterans.

The sole beneficiary of She-Rock is Denton’s branch of Women Veterans of America with funds earmarked for getting homeless women veterans into transitional homes. Thanks to sponsors covering the expenses by paying performers, proceeds from ticket sales can go directly in support of the cause.

The idea to produce She-Rock was borne last November when Arendt sat down with Backyard on Bell management to plan a big event before the next annual We Denton Drag It, which is also organized by Friends with Benefits. Arendt described her own planning style as a tendency to dream big. Knowing that March is Women’s Month, there was an obvious opportunity to put together an inclusive celebration of womxn’s talents and contributions.

The name She-Rock is inspired by She-ra, the Masters of the Universe hero who, in the ‘80s, stores famously didn’t know whether to put her toys with “male-supported action figures” or “feminine-designated Barbies.” She-Rock’s mascot is crowned with the transgender symbol because, in the year 2019, Denton’s move is to support inclusion and acceptance of marginalized groups. It’s a commendable effort to avoid being trans-exclusionary.

It’s a hell of a lineup being put together, and Tulla Moore is charged with hosting what’s going to be a kickass ceremony — if “ceremony” means mind-bending concert. Arendt’s eyes light up like fire when describing how fun it will be for everyone to see Lardi B, who’s headlining on Friday. Joining Lardi B will be the unapologetic Alsace Carcione, the empowering M3CCA, revolution-willing Millenial Falcon, and Denton fav Southpaw Preachers.

Speaking of Denton faves, DFW queen Sarah Jaffe headlines Saturday night. Jaffe will be joined by an assortment of Denton’s queen musicians: Pearl Earl, Somogyi, The Red Death, and Class Action.

To top it off, all vendors are owned or operated by women. A Saturday afternoon market will be open to the public for free from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on March 9.

This is it, Denton. Arendt feels the femme talent in this city alone could fill venues with solid shows for weeks straight. On the same weekend Captain Marvel comes out, Backyard on Bell will feature heroes on stage in an event organized by heroes of Denton.

Tickets are available through Eventbrite. One-day passes are $15 apiece. A two-day pass can be purchased for $25. For more information, visit the Facebook event page.

She-Rock is hosted by Tulla Moore

Friday Line-up (Doors open at 6 p.m.)
The Southpaw Preachers
Millennial Falcon
Alsace Carcione
Ursa Minor
Jenn Whitlock Music (Lardi B)

Free Saturday Market (1 to 5 p.m.)

Saturday Line-up (Music starts at 6 p.m.)
The Red Death
Class Action
Thelma and the Sleaze
Pearl Earl
Sarah Jaffe

Header image courtesy of Friends with Benefits
Header image altered by Mateo Granados