Music Video Premiere: Somogyi "Second to Another"

Inspired by her daughter, the newest music video from Ashley Somogyi finds herself embracing the concept of being second to her number one love. There’s a finality to having a child, but it’s also a new beginning. It’s the start of a new forever that is full of love and hope.

Filmed at Little Chapel in the Woods, the locations symbolizes a rebirth of Somogyi’s music and her life. Director Cameron Sather uses blue tones and swaying camera shots to establish a heavenly kind of innocence.

Despite the personal meaning, the lyrics are relatable for any listener who has found the ultimate comfort in another living being. Somogyi is thinking beyond herself when she sings, “Second to another / It's only human nature / We finally found a shelter /Something to live or die for.”

As much as the song is about having a purpose beyond individual goals, it’s also about finding inner strength to move past life’s never-ending challenges. The shelters we find in life aren’t just a place to keep the rain off your head and the warmth inside. There’s shelter found in our loved ones, and Somogyi knows she’s lucky to have her daughter in her life.

It’s the perfect subject matter for one of Denton’s best pop musicians. Somogyi’s songs are always a perfect blend of beautiful vocals and catchy electronic-infused pop tracks, and “Second to Another” is the latest great song.

The Dentonite is proud to present the music video premiere of “Second to Another” by Somogyi.

Song recorded and mixed by Jared Herzog
Video filmed and edited by Cameron Sather

Images courtesy of Somogyi
Header image graphic by Kylie Phillips