The Dentonite's Tips to Festing Downtown

Finally! Oaktopia is here! Are you ready? We've prepared some great tips to give you a crash course in festing downtown. Remember: when you are at Oaktopia, you are always within walking distance of Boca 31. If you don't know about it, read this and then go. It might be Summer 2.0 out there, so also remember to drink plenty of water and to stay hydrated whilst festing so hard. 

We've shared our top 10 bands to see this weekend, told you about the Oaktopia Art Experience, shared videos about 31 local bands playing the fest, and instructed you on how lit Campus Theatre will be. 

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You can pick up or buy wristbands at two locations, on the corner of Oak and Oakland or Oak and Austin. Press passes can be picked up at the production office HQ from Thursday - Saturday, 10 AM - 4 PM. The HQ is located at 122 Industrial Street. 
-Sara Button

It is an often-forgotten fact that the Denton Square has free wi-fi. No password required! Hot, hungry, or thirsty? This wi-fi can also be accessed from most of the shops and restaurants surrounding the courthouse. Definitely a useful tool for organizing your Oaktopia experience without draining your data or your energy.
-Elaine Ballard

Not quite ready? You've got some options. The Bearded Lady will be behind East Side, dishing up hair cuts, beard trims, shaves, and more. Lucky Locks Beauty Bar will be teaming up with Oaktopia to provide hair and makeup for the national acts. If you have a wristband and need a flower crown or hair cut, you can stop by Lucky Locks to treat yo' self.

Tramping around the square in the heat (or the rain!) is tiring. Pair that with the ritual heavy consumption of cheap tallboys and you've got a recipe for Oaktopia Exhaustion Syndrome. Make a point to stop by 940's Kitchen & Cocktails during their happy hour, when their appetizers and small plates are on discount. Happy hour is from 4 pm - 6 pm, so you'll have plenty of time to catch your local acts as well as your headliners. Get some good food into your system to soak up all that PBR--or at least give your palate a break and get yourself a craft cocktail. (I did this last year during Oaktopia and my body and brain thanked me later.)
-Bess Whitby

Swing by Jupiter House for some air conditioning, a couch, and some rad art but at least do yourself a favor and get a cream cheese brownie. Their iced vanilla lattes taste like angel tears and they just so happen to be a PokeStop (is that still a thing?). JuHo always has some really cool art up, but you can check out our Gallery Report to make sure you are maximizing your art intake this weekend.
-Jess Hume

Hoochies has $1 Lonestars all day, every day. In addition to air conditioning, downtown wifi, & some of the best seafood in town, you cannot beat one dollar beers. This is probably my favorite thing about downtown. 

Go on a Mini adventure. Downtown Mini Mall I and II are a little ... eccentric. However, you'll probably see a toy you had when you were a kid, some cool old cameras or possibly your standard swords and battle attire. 

Parking on the square and surrounding downtown area is terrible on the best of days and you can multiply that terribleness by a lot on festival days. Driving alternative options include walking (go figure!), biking, riding the bus, Uber, or Lyft. Whatever you choose - festing is a lot more fun when you save yourself all the time, effort, and frustration by leaving the car at home. Also please remember to never drink & drive.
-Tiffany Youngblood

Remember Denton is bigger than just Downtown! Treat your fest hangover at Cool Beans Denton on Sunday morning with their deliciously greasy Dive Brunch menu served from 11-4. Their dive brunch cocktails include $9 Mimosa Carafes and $5 Breakfast Shots. In addition to Cool Beans, we've indexed all of the brunch options in Denton here.
-Emily Cline

In case that is not enough, check out some helpful Indexes we've written that may or may not help you enjoy your weekend in Denton.

Header image design by Shaina Sheaff