Concert Across America Preview

On Sunday afternoon, when you begin to rise out of the Oaktopia haze with no voice, body paint in places that just don’t make sense, and a killer hangover from too many of those “this is the last one, I swear” beers, there will be no better way to satisfy the music withdrawals than an afternoon at Dan’s Silverleaf with live music and the comradery of your neighbors. We’ll be there, bloody mary in hand, to salute you as you shuffle in through the door, a survivor of another year of festing in Denton.  And we will all be there for a cause greater than ourselves.

The Texas Musicians Against Gun Violence are participating in Concert Across America to End Gun Violence on Sunday, September 25th. They are taking over Dan’s to join thousands of others across the country who are joining to take a moment to think of those lives lost. September 25th is the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims, and across the nation people will be lifting their lighters, their hearts, and their guitar pics into the air for those who no longer stand amongst us.

Five Dentonites came together to create this coalition and began to inspire people in other towns, holding events throughout Ft.Worth and out to Amarillo.  We know, guns are kind of a hot topic right now, something people feel very passionate about. The Texas Musicians Against Gun Violence aren’t against guns or taking away the 2nd Amendment but generating awareness of the need for change in current gun policy. This event, and others taking place across the country simultaneously, are working to unite communities and organizations with “the dual goals of keeping guns out of dangerous hands and making the issue of illegal guns top of mind for Congress, presidential candidates, and the American people as the go to the polls this November.” They will even have a Volunteer Deputy Registrar on site to help get you registered to vote.  

This event is co-sponsored by local non-profit, 7Feathers Denton, who’s mission of uniting the community through art and music has consistently impacted the life of those in need since they were founded earlier this year. They host  almost weekly events that are held all around Denton, raising funds and awareness for local charities in need through local musicians, artists, by partnering with the kind hearted owners of different Denton establishments. “This is about using the power of music to unite us, and honor the victims that have fallen to gun violence,” says Jesse Keefer, Co-Founder of 7Feathers Denton.

Zeb Ernest energy is contagious, and his passion for mobilizing a movement through music and community is awe inspiring, even while bringing awareness to the darker side of the issues at hand. “From ‘93 to 2015 there was a billboard in Boston,” Zeb reflects,” it read 15 kids killed every day. This is a real issue that isn’t getting the attention it deserves…. The difference between a homicide and a suicide is where you point the gun.” The beneficiary of this event will be The LOSS Team,” they are a local non-profit with only one paid position,” Ernest explains, ”100% of the funds we raise will go to providing services.” Denton County LOSS Team, Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors, offers immediate support and resources to those impacted by suicide.

Tickets are available on Pre-Kindle through Dan’s Silverleaf website, and all the proceeds from the $10 ticket sales will go to support LOSS.  With a stacked lineup that includes the Isaac Hoskins Band, Matt Grigsby, and Kelly Upshaw, on two different stages, this is the way you want to end your weekend. Pausing in remembrance, at a beloved Denton venue, using music to bring life to a movement, joined in not just with the Denton community, but communities across America.

Header image design by Jason Lee