STREAM: William Austin Clay "Austipaustiography"

Austipaustiography is an electronic album journey of 19 tracks by William Austin Clay with progressive and psychedelic sounds. The album was released late 2017.

The first track, "Feet & Eyes" has a beat to wake you up with a bounce of pop and electronic noises that guide you through the opening lyrics, “Blue is the sky,” guiding the listener in an electronic kaleidoscope of styled beats of sound.

The follow-up is "Insurance Marketplace Is A Joke" which has smooth chimes, electronic slides and popping beats of sound. The song goes over the thought of insurance being a scam and a jip.  

Listeners are asked to question reality is questioned in the third song, "I Know That Now."

The next song, "Do You Feel The Same," begins with the beat of three hits of drumsticks followed by smoothing electronic sounds. The song goes over a desire to forget, forfeit and simply asks, "do you feel the same?"

And "The Scene May Not Stay" takes a more upbeat approach with lyrics about nature and scenes that change. It ends with the note of even though scenes are changing and may not be the same, it is okay.

"Or Wants To" goes over some wants and what actually happens. Sometimes things like holding your tongue are a good want but sometimes letting it go is unavoidable. Want versus actually is played upon in this song.

"Plant Therapy" is a song that sounds as if someone is sitting and watching a plant and the stages of the plant life.  There is small differences in a plant throughout the day though its exterior appears the same.  It's about appreciating a plant you may have.

"Didn’t It" is about sound, dreams, and just letting things go.

"‘N Da Zone" begins with skipping sounds followed by a real stop and go style. The beats stack and pull off one another. Repetition of some of the sounds is used nicely to add for some catchy sounds to the song talking about creating music for the community that leads to album streaks by being in the zone. It goes over rising in the community to develop further.

"No Way, O.K." is more of a chill listen. It has guiding sounds with a chill feel. It has some small electronic noises but overall is smooth in it`s easy listen style.

"Think If It Will" goes over how people tell jokes, and people think before they respond with laughter. It's the thought that people don’t want to hurt anyone, and when someone laughs at a joke it's important to make sure that laughter isn't at the expense of someone else's pain.

"To Know What To Do" is a song that goes over faith and just trusting that things will work out. It is a great reminder of a song that reminds listeners that things will work out one way or another. It is just about having faith and not dwelling on yesterday. It will work out.

"Get That Then Get Again" talks about getting stuck. Being stuck isn't the most groovy of situations, but it does happen. Up to this point the album has touched on appreciation of nature, feeling scammed by insurance, and having faith. This song serves as a reminder that being stuck in a rut is a relatable theme, and it pairs well with the previous track.

"Finally (11:45)" is about the beauty of when the darkness closes in and the body/mind is finally ready to go sleep. It relishes the cherished thought of getting some rest finally. 

"Fake" is a song straight to the point. No one wants to hear sorry when it's not meaningful. There isn`t much pleasure in fake people.

"Any And Everything" talks about embers, flames and smoke. The song goes over the air, the space and the rain that comes down to the sea. This is a journey from the smoke to the rain.

"A Fuse To Break" is about large mistakes and wasted youth. It talks about breaking loose from situations that may be against your will and these big mistakes you occur when you can`t break loose.

"Closure / Feeling Fine" is another more upbeat song on this album over working out the bad for good closure. It talks about things working out and turning out fine. It welcomes contemplation of thoughts but rest assures things will turn around now that there is good closure.

"Their Sacrifice" is a song about fighting to live.

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