STREAM: Matt Grigsby "Worthy of Love"

Matt Grigsby's new album, Worthy of Love, is full of folk/Americana tunes beautifully written with upbeat sounds and thoughtfully crafted lyrics. This album is a unique tunnel of songs opening your eyes on the thoughts behind love. Grigsby digs deep on the struggles that come with working for love.

The beauty in this album lies behind the catchy tunes, wonderful sounds and vibrancy of beats.

“In the song “Inspiring Love” the narrator asks, “Am I unworthy of your inspiring love?” That's where I pulled the title from and I think that line is really the backbone of the whole record,” Grigsby said. “When we think of being worthy of love we immediately think of our romantic pursuits. And certainly romance is a huge factor in all of our lives, but there's more to it than that. There's also our sense of self-worth, and of finding our place in the universe, or even our own hometown.” 

The sense of searching for oneself is well played in the song, “Anthem for the Working Man.” It explores: shitty jobs dealing with pointless activities, the unsatisfactory feeling of getting fired, bare.y getting anywhere with low pay, and putting up being someone they want you to be until that two-weeks notice is submitted without ever looking back. "Anthem for the Working Man" directly confronts being stuck in a low-paying job to get by instead of pursuing passions. In this kind of routine it's hard for a person to find time to love themselves.

The album's confrontation with sad topics is combined with upbeat sounds, and it's designed to get listeners thinking. Everyone's digging in to make life worthwhile throughout constant feelings of isolation, unworthiness, and plain being worn down. This album is about the universal struggle of life, and the burden feels a bit lifted after journeying through Worthy of Love. 

It is songs like “Anthem for the Working Man” that make this album really special. Love isn’t just about being with one other person: love is about finding yourself, your place, your community, your difference in the world and finding your place in the universe. This album is an experience to re-experience love. 

Album image courtesy of Matt Grigsby
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