STREAM: Señor Fin "Jazzy"

Egoa is the lead track on Señor Fin’s October release entitled Jazzy. Described as an album “about emotions and riffs,” the 11-song project kicks off with warm acoustic melodies and cashmere vocals. Subdued drumming completes the sound that’s reminiscent of The La’s. A fluttering bridge brings in tight, choral harmonies provided by each member of the band. 

Solo vocals ease listeners in and arpeggiated strings mix with bright key work to create a unique and easy-going introductory track.  It’s a delicate wade into a mellow but upbeat pop-jazz album that deserves absorption to fully appreciate musical subtleties but is also perfect for background studying or daydreaming — especially on a cloudy day. 

Seattle-based but Denton-born, Señor Fin released Jazzy only last month as a follow-up to their 2016 album Cake Drink. It’s available digitally, as a compact disc, or as a limited-edition cassette tape through the band’s website.