Bandsource Offers Booking Services for Local Artists

BandSource is an upstart agency expected to launch in early 2018 to help bands with their business, including possible booking opportunities with other development services on the horizon. Bandsource is also taking over booking and promotions for events at Backyard on Bell, where they  expect to build a stage similar to something that might be seen at a festival. It's a bold plan for a company that looks to work on attracting relished touring acts while helping local bands grow their audience.

Charlsie Grace, the creator of BandSouce, has had over five years of experience booking in both large and small venues including Granada Theater, Club Dada, City Tavern, Double Wide, Live@Mokah, and The Crown at Harp. Grace has an ambitious vision in mind as the exclusive promoter for Backyard on Bell.  
“The venue owners [of Backyard on Bell] are currently placing an order for the new stage,” Charlsie Grace, creator of BandSource said, “We're now talking to sound and lighting people about bringing in professional quality equipment that will allow me to bring in the 500-1000 person shows I will be going after.” 

Grace has had her company, The Artist Collective, nominated for "Talent Buyer of the Year" by The Dallas Observer, and has worked as a talent agent for House of Blues.  Grace is now looking to work as an agent and help bands book with BandSource.

BandSource is something for bands to keep an eye on as it is an agency that helps bands without having them tethered with a contract. Interested musicians looking to book only need to visit and fill out a form answering a few questions. BandSource will then take that information, create a pitch and then work to get it booked.

“When a show is booked, the artist pays us the standard booking fee of 15% or a minimum of $25,” Grace said, “If we don't get anything booked, then the artist owes us nothing. That makes it no risk to the artist. They keep hustling and hopefully we can get them better and bigger shows, but if not, then it's not costing them anything.” 

Though well experienced with booking shows in Dallas, Grace is familiar with Denton's small community vibe.

“Going from Dallas to Denton is a bit of a challenge with pricing,” Grace said, “My goal is to keep as much free and low-cost entertainment at the venue as possible while expanding to mostly $8-15 shows on the weekends, but as high as $20-25 when necessary.”

“I'm so thankful that this opportunity is in Denton,” Grace said, “Every time I am in Denton it feels magical. I have been heartbroken at every bit of bad luck the town is having to overcome -- with venues closing and festivals moving."

Grace knows it won't be easy to build up in a market that tends to be overlooked by the big agents, but she looks forward to the challenge of working with the community to bringing bigger shows to Denton.

To keep up with further developments from BandSource visit their website or follow their Facebook page.

Projected entertainment schedule for Backyard on Bell starting in January:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Free - Local Sounds showcase
Wednesday: Free - College Hour w/ drink specials and FREE monthly rotating events: TBA
Thursday: Texas Happy Hour w/ $3 Texas beers and $3 Texas bands
Friday: Regional and national shows w/ $8-25 tickets
Saturday: Regional and national shows w/ $8-25 tickets
Sunday: Rock and Roll Market (prices vary; once a month) + Free: Denton Jazz (2/mo) + tribute/cover bands (1/mo) 

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