STREAM: Mr. Grudge "Seeking Issues for the End of the World"

Seeking Issues for the End of the World is the debut release from electro-soul duo Mr. Grudge. Their grudge must be against bad music, because this release hit the mark all the way through. 

The band is only two members deep, but you'd never know it. The layering of an organ, horns, guitars, bass, and drums in the track "Bones In My Body" would lead you to believe this was the work of a much larger band. Christopher James and Matthew Gray put together an incredibly skillful and diverse collection of songs that could easily find a home in almost anyone’s playlist.

The track "It’s Like the Moon" beautifully articulates the thoughts of anyone who has suddenly found themselves with one foot out the door in a relationship. Soon after, the final and title track, Seeking Issues for the End of the World provides a hopeful and comforting close to the album with a calm, smooth tone. In contrast, there is a siren-like noise that gradually begins to ascend in pitch in the second half of the song, perhaps a nod to the end of the world referenced in the title.

At just a little over 23 minutes, its seven songs are a rather quick listen. However, once the last notes of the EP’s title track are played, if you're like me you'll want to go back to the first song, hit play, and hear it all over again.