STREAM: Ghostie Monster "sapnu puas"

sapnu puas, released August 19th, is the debut release from Denton-based Ghostie Monster. The act only contains one member, Eoin Donovan, who performs the Herculean task of providing all of the instrumentation and vocals. Before starting this project Donovan laid down bass and vocals for DFW indie rock band Kites and Boomerangs from 2012 to 2016. During this time Donovan garnered a nomination for Best Bassist Performance of 2014 by Fort Worth Weekly.

Donovan takes a marked step away from his work with Kites and Boomerangs. As stated on his YouTube page, "[Ghostie Monster was] pieced together during a creative outlet attack." Drawing inspiration from Tame Impala (another one-man act), Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Grizzly Bear, this project is clearly influenced by the psychadelic. The instrumentation on the album hits the mark with effects-laden guitars and synthesizers being omnipresent throughout the work. At several points the vocals are nearly slurred.

Speaking to Donovan's skill at this position in his former band, the bass and drums were very impressive. They are key elements through the EP, but are especially noticeable on the track "Tomorrow is Certain" where they are an aggressive, driving force. Slower and mellow dream-pop elements also come through in "One on One" and "Sailing the Divine."

Repeat listening is rewarding as well. In the liner notes Donovan said, "I've left some dark, yet uplifting themes-even an Easter egg or two in the tracks such as an anagram of a phrase in a song-hinting to what the song is influenced by or even who/what the issue in the song is referring to." 

Furthermore, keying in on different instruments helps in appreciating the soundscapes created in this project. As far as the album title's meaning, Donovan only leaves us with this clue, "[sapnu puas] follows one larger theme of self-improvement and encourages listeners to make the hard decision they know they must make to take care of themselves mentally, societally, and spiritually."

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