STREAM: mombasan chemist "they travel by bird roads"

Soundscapes this smooth could only have been created by science - and thankfully perfected by Denton’s own mombasan chemist. The word undulating best describes the lilting beats and laid back, percussive tracks that punctuate "they travel by bird roads;" truly, all four tracks on "mu" flow together much like waves. In these musical sketches, texture layering takes precedence over melodic content. And yet, the samples ("à la Pogo" and "plunderphonics") draw the listener into a musical uncanny valley where only snippets of words are caught. Published August 29th, 2017, this is mombasan chemist’s 5th release on bandcamp. Listen to "they travel by bird roads" and other tracks from "mu" here.

Header image courtesty of mombasan chemist
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