STREAM: Alaska Bicycle Co. "Something Wrong"

Emo/Midwest music has always been about the self in an apologetic but often inexcusably blunt fashion. Perhaps that’s what makes it so relatable – through highlighting the juvenile tendencies we all find ourselves struggling with emotionally, we’re able to reconcile through chanted choruses and poppy, hard hitting guitar riffs. Alaska Bicycle Co.’s "Something Wrong" demonstrates this characteristic with tact and poise, focusing on the narcissism we strive to alleviate ourselves from but find difficulty in denying or completely neglecting.

Heavily favoring the distorted yet pop-oriented sound adopted by many emo bands of the early to mid 2000’s, Alaska Bicycle Co. goes about delivering their brand of emo in a hard hitting, direct method, employing overdriven major key guitar riffs, spacious yet bombastic drumming, and catchy, chant-able lyrics. Hell, they even throw in some elements of metalcore/hardcore in the ending portion of the song, with the drummer riding the crash throughout and the vocalist juggling back and forth between yelled and screamed vocal styles. The album cover reflects that classic Midwest/Emo vibe of morose solitude and emptiness and matches the music well. It reminds me of my old college dorm room – dimly lit and pervasively hopeless.

There’s an inherent relatability to this track that all good emo should sport. That’s what I like best about it. On the band’s Facebook page, their about me states that they started the band with the “sole purpose to make music and memories that we will enjoy.” Best of luck to you, guys. Keep on keeping on.