Rubber Gloves Update

**Updated 5/13/16 at 2:41 pm: Rubber Gloves announces the sale for the 3-day pass for their farewell weekend. (No comps, sorry press & friends). Headliners to include: Friday - Slobberbone, Saturday - Record Hop, & Sunday - Lift to Experience. You read it right, folks. A Record Hop reunion. Commence to geeking out. 


As we reported this time last week (ps, has it really been a week already?!), Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios announced they'd be closing their doors on June 5, 2016. The news spread fast and brought on a fury of social media posts remembering the soon-to-be-closed venue. 

Rubber Gloves essentially is a Denton music-themed museum of sorts. Owner Josh Baish even compared the venue to an on-going arts project that has spanned over the course of the last nearly twenty years.

Hey, City of Denton/anyone trying to buy up Baish's property - if you really want to make the nerdy music and arts culture folk happy, turn RGRS into a music museum (or, ya know, keep it a music venue). 

Rubber Gloves has started booking their final shows. For now, here is what's on the book through the end of their reign. We will be filling in these dates as the shows become available.

Wednesday, May 11 - Auther, Sea Cycles, Least of These
Thursday, May 12 - From Indian Lakes, Heavy Boots
Friday, May 13 - Bullet Machine
Saturday, May 14 - $1 Cover: Stymie, Losing, Hate Your Friends, Mimisiku
Sunday, May 15 - Constant Insult, The Noids, Thin Skin, Laughter
Monday, May 16 - 35 Denton presents Swandiver, The Demigs
Tuesday, May 17 -  Class Action + more tba
Wednesday, May 18 - Bukkake Moms, Psychic Killers, *~~, Snuff American Style, Bagheera
Thursday, May 19 - $1 Cover: Sealion, War Party, Bad Beats, Shebanshee
Friday, May 20 - TBA
Saturday, May 21 - Last of the Interceptors, Orcanaut, BlackSea, Sick Culture, Chokey
Sunday, May 22 - TBA
Monday, May 23 - TBA
Tuesday, May 24 - Vundabar
Wednesday, May 25 - TBA
Thursday, May 26 - Babar, Future Self, Cleanup
Friday, May 27 - Swimming with Bears
Saturday, May 28 - Cash and Respect presents Kundalini, Elijah Heaps, Nikolai Rya, Gashouse Smitty, Chromat!k, + more #MakeDentonGucciAgain
Sunday, May 29 - TBA
Monday, May 30 - Comedy Show featuring Mike Wiebe
Tuesday, May 31 - Gutterth Live: The Final Episode, ft. Shiny Around the Edges, Dear Human, Knee Pad, New Science Projects, Cerulean Giallo, Ryan Thomas Becker
Wednesday, June 1 - Young Jesus CA, Planet Manhood ATX, Trick Burn, Playlists
Thursday, June 2 - PDA - An Underground Dance Party
Friday, June 3 - Slobberbone
Saturday, June 4 - Record Hop
Sunday, June 5 - Lift to Experience

Here are some things some people have said about Rubber Gloves in the last week on Facebook & Twitter

And now, we loot? What? If something falls off the ceiling of a museum, would you take it? If you are at your friend's house, and you find something you like on the floor, would you take it? If you answered yes to the questions above, please stay home. Forever.

Have some respect, people. Rubber Gloves owes you nothing. I understand wanting to go and capture a moment amid an almost defunct, iconic Denton music venue - get your photos while you can, folks. But, have some damn respect. Respeck, if you will. Sigh, Denton. You are better than this. I mean... I at least think you are. Please be better than this.