Music We Love: Pearl Earl's New Song "Cosmic Queen"

The last thing one expects to see at 2:30 am is a car running up onto the front lawn of the house in which you are interviewing a band that’s just played their final show at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios before embarking on a 30-day tour.

You’d also not expect to have people on the porch of said house immediately lend help in replacing the front tire that just got blown out while hopping a 2-foot wooden brace. However, Charlie Beaman had no hesitation in grabbing a car jack out of the tour van while Bailey K. Chapman took the lead in replacing the tire with a donut.

These Pearl Earlians, real life super-heroes. 

It was a good time to find out their car jack was missing pieces, thus leaving it non-functional, before embarking on a month-long tour out East. Pearl Earl and Abacaba’s Summer tour includes several stops in Florida before making their way up the coast towards New York and coming back through the Midwest. The talented Ellie Alonzo will be in tow, charged with taking photos of the performances and capturing other photo-worthy tour moments.

In celebration of their upcoming tour, Pearl Earl released a new song today called "Cosmic Queen" - check it out below:

Chapman and Beaman successfully setting up these tour dates is a lesson in how important it is to make connections with other bands and people at your shows. Chapman says it pays to talk to everyone, and being willing to help other bands out with a place to stay or play Music karma, if you will. A gig in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida was booked because bassist Stefanie Lazcano made a connection with Killmama at 35 Denton. Hey, never pass up an opportunity to fulfill an impromptu request to have an audience member play drums for one song.

“I never expected to do music and touring although I always loved music,” Lazcano says. “Every opportunity is a surprise because I don’t expect it. Being able to travel with this purpose is satisfying.”

Singer/guitarist Ariel Hartley says the band started off as an aloof project with Lazcano and Chapman, but all four members developed a special friendship. “It’s nice to play with people that are equally committed to an entity,” Hartley says. “They’re family that makes me feel like I can express myself comfortably.”

They are all best friends, roommates, and they’ll get to share a van together for the longest trip they have ever taken as a band.

Chapman and Beaman will be performing double-duty every night of the tour as they’re also a part of Abacaba alongside brothers Ben and Taylor Copeland. Abacaba started as an outlet for Beaman to fulfill his songwriting ideas, but that’s not to say each member doesn’t bring a diverse set of influences. The end result is self-described as “prog without pain.” Chapman likes how the band sounds different from the psych-rock tendencies of Pearl Earl, but they still fit together on a bill.

There are no plans to rest after this tour ends, though. Pearl Earl plans to record a full-length album after their return and Abacaba hopes to release a concept album in collaboration with video artist Ayrton Chapman, who also doubles as Bailey Chapman’s sister.

As for the people who drove their car onto the front lawn, everyone turned out okay. They hung around for a bit and made new friends. In response to the friendly nature they received, an unnamed passenger shared, “This is what Denton is. People being willing to help out.” May Pearl Earl and Abacaba faithfully carry the Denton spirit to the east coast.

Tour dates:

5/18 - Austin, TX - Cheer Up Charles
519 - San Antonio, TX - TBA
5/20 - Beaumont, TX - Logon Cafe
5/21 - Lake Charles, LA - My Place
5/23 - Ft. Walton Beach, FL - The Green Door
5/25 - South Beach, FL - Kill Your Idol
5/26 - Cape Coral, FL - Rackem Billboards
5/27 - Del Ray Beach, FL - Vintage Tap
5/30 - Charleston, SC - The Mill
6/1 - Philadelphia, PA - The Buffalo
6/3 - Brooklyn, NY - Alphaville
6/4 - Rockaway Beach, NY - Low Tide Bar
6/5 - Pittsburg, PA - Black Forge Coffee
6/6 - Columbus, OH - Tree Bar
6/7 - Bloomington, IN - The Back Doors
6/9 - Madison, WI - Mickey’s
6/10 - Chicago, IL - Coles Bar
6/12 - St. Louis, MO - FOAM
6/13 - Wichita, KS - Kirby’s
6/14 - Oklahoma City, OK - Sauced on Paseo
6/15 - Norman, OK - The Deli