Music We Love: "Casually Sophisticated" by Kind Beats

Kind Beats gave us a wonderful Christmas present this year in the form of his newest single, “Casually Sophisticated.” A harmonious blend of jazz and hip hop beats, its title is apt: it provides a respite for the ears that is at the same time chill and an opulent addition to the space it fills. The featuring of a simple ringtone — which rings twice in the track — gives an unexpected sense of nostalgia to the song just before the beat drops. The minimalist lyrics come from “Hurry Up This Way Again” by The Stylistics, a 1970s soul group based in Philly. The original song, which is about a lost love, croons behind Kind's accompaniment: “I’ll never know when I'm going to see you again / Can’t make no plans.” There is an urgency and need to reconnect that permeates the entire track.

This is Kind Beats’ first release since early October’s Sno Cones EP, in anticipation of Music to Cuddle to Vol II, which is coming out this month. Like the first volume, the marriage between the soulful jazz and hip hop beats pulls you into the space of the music itself. It’s the perfect soundtrack for chilling at home — perhaps cuddling — working on that mundane or tedious work project you’ve been unmotivated to start.

We’re not sure that there’s an incorrect time or place in which to listen to this song, but perhaps it is best as an ambient addition to your collection—a track to be enjoyed with loved ones you always want close (especially during the holiday season). If “Casually Sophisticated” is any indicator, we at The Dentonite are confident that Kind Beats is going to start our 2017 off right. Listen below and stay tuned for Music to Cuddle to Vol II.


Header image design by Brittany Keeton