Mixtape Monday: January 9, 2017

It’s the New Year, y’all! This weekend we enjoyed cooler temps, some surprise snow, and a ton of fun events around town. We’re also noticing that Denton musicians are gearing back up and churning out new music after the holidays, and we’re really excited about that. Here are some of our favorites from the last couple of weeks.

Bunkin – AV the Great & Gas House Smitty
“Bunkin” is defiant, catchy as hell, and a solid anthem for your Monday. AV and Gas House Smitty’s rhymes are tight and the beat is too. (We especially like the bright piano melody repeating throughout.)

#ChrimaBarz – J Whoa
The belated Christmas gifts keep on coming. We’re fine with that. “#ChrimaBarz” is equal parts banging, chill, and a little silly (see the variety of Christmas-y sound bites sprinkled all over the track.)

Genocide Route – Xanni ft. Lil Durt
Kundalini Kids Xanni and Lil Durt have collaborated on a moody, unconventional, and totally beautiful track: trippy synths, dripping melodies, and contemplative rhymes from both artists signal Kundalini’s trademark new-wave rap sound.

Sounds Funny – Poet Spitta (Prod. Ace Wonder)
Xanni and Lil Durt aren’t the only Kundalini Kids who’ve been working on new stuff. It’s been a while since we last heard from Poet Spitta, but this collaboration with Ace Wonder—spitfire lyrics and funky production work—is a solid return.