Music Video Premiere: "WAVE" by Rei Clone

”Wave” by Rei Clone
Filmed, directed and edited by Erin Devany
All Hallows’ Productions

All Hallow's Eve was last night, and in the true spirit of the season - because we all know this holiday deserves more than one night - Erin Devany of All Hallows' Productions brings us a decadently spooky music video for Rei Clone’s song “Wave” - recorded by Zach Palmer and mastered by Michael Briggs.

It kicks off with an ethereal instrumental the bears a subdued yet notably ominous atmosphere, accompanied by the visual of a mysterious scene: a set of monolithic figures, masked and robed, surrounding and eventually investigating a central figure.

Then, the video and the song itself kicks off in earnest, with the perfect setting for the whimsically fast-paced tone of “Wave”: a Halloween party. And it is, like any live set by Rei Clone, a sonic whirlwind; a tornado in a jar: tightly contained and effortlessly measured, but only inches away from terrific collapse. And as luck would have it, the video's party is balanced on just such a precipice.

Check out the video to see just how this party ends, and enjoy this punch bowl of costumes, surreal visuals, gimp suits, potato chips, violence, and blood. After all, what kind of Halloween doesn't have a little of the old ultraviolence?

Masks off, once again, to Erin Devany - happiest of Halloweens to us all.

Header design by Kylie Phillips