Mood for Monday: Early Morning Sunrise

The only thing that’s been consistent about the weather in Denton is how inconsistent it’s been. This weekend ended with some beautiful sunshine – so beautiful that it was easy to give these hot temperatures in the fall a pass. The moods for last week’s Mood for Monday poll were close, with ‘morning sunrise drive’ coming in as the winner. This week’s playlist has a double purpose…here’s to hoping that this week’s weather continues in a sunshine-y manner, and here’s to giving you some tunes to get up early and go vote to! Polls open at 7 a.m., a perfect time to cast your vote and catch nature showing off just a little.

Glasir – “Dissolution”

Tasked with selecting the score for a frame of the world’s most mighty sunrise? No problem. Glasir is a post-rock band from Dallas that has frequented Denton with their live performances. With a building steadiness that may be more driving and determined than your actual drive, track 3 on the recently release New Dark Age EP is all that you need to start your day.

Matt Raker – “Hair”

Hair is the opening song on Raker’s debut “dream-poppy” EP, Phases. This singer-songwriter is based in Tyler, Texas, with a concentration of audio streams generating in Dallas. Hair is a musical creation that envokes serenity, which falls well in-line with Raker’s desire to make music that encapsulates “personal struggles and just everyday life”.

Wirerims – “No Reason”

Unapologetic 90s grunge and local charm coexist peacefully but successfully on “No Reason” and on the entirety of the album the song resides on, Self-Construction. You may have heard their single “Do Right” on KXT 91.7FM following its release. The Wirerims had their first show as a full band last Thursday at J&J’s, with Fresh Ghosts and Maestro Maya accompanying them on the lineup. The song wastes no time in creating an energizing, early-morning energy after an immediate countdown at the beginning of the track.

M3cca – “Trip to Aharat”

Are we really surprised that M3cca is back on the Mood for Monday rotation? Fruittape is a project that houses a variety of moods and sounds, genre-pushing in the way it experiments in blending elements of soul, jazz, and R&B - reminding us as listeners that we can have a little taste of everything we like without having to make a confining commitment. “Trip to Aharat” offers piece of mind, and as the first verse transitions into the chorus, you’ll hear M3cca sing “now the sun is rising” – making the inclusion of this track a no-brainer.

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