Monday Mixtape July 2, 2018

"I took benzos with Greg" - lipstick pig latin

Released mid-June, lipstick pig latin's EP, Fake Happy, is a charming suite of four simplistic and raw tracks. The warm acoustic is simplistic, and the iPhone recordings are full of white noise, but something about those recordings is warm and familiar, like having a friend singing in the other room, or a crackly Smiths record. The entire EP takes less than 10 minutes to listen to, but the earnest lyrics are well worth your time.

"Diana I" - Claire Morales

Claire Morales' voice reaches out from the past; it's the true embodiment of a wicked, enchanting 70's songstress. All tracks from her recent album release, All That Wanting, are complete stand-outs, wholly entrancing and complete. The songs on the album range from the dramatic, to the homey, to total pop apocalypse. From the throng of amazing songs, I've chosen "Diana I" because the song leaves the listener in complete suspense–it is the epitome of psych rock. Slow, immaculate, compelling. Support Claire Morales on her Bandcamp and check out her whole discography.

"Mango (Vertigo)" - foxlove

Another mid-June four-track release, Smoothie marks foxlove's second formal release–the track is buoyant, a wonderful mesh of friends who enjoy playing with another. For those with synesthesia or active tastebuds, the track title is enough to invoke a feverish summer's day: mango slices, good buds, and plenty of sunshine. The synth is truly the spice on top of the mango–tune in on the Bandcamp for a wonderful summer treat.