Pudge Brewer's New Album Has a 90's Feel

Pudge of the Fab Duece collective has released Two of Those Nights, the sequel to his 2012 album One of Those Nights. The sophomore album gives listeners a blast to the past, with a 90's feel as each of the 20 tracks contains upbeat, jazz-filled samples. 

One of Those Nights brought us 17 tracks filled with individualized, lively beats. Each song brought a different vibe to the table, easily connecting to everyday moods.  In comparison to its prequel, Two of Those Nights provides smooth, relaxing beats that are easy to vibe to. If you’re looking for an album to play at your next kickback, or something to just sit back and relax to, then this album is a must-add to your collection.

One of many talented hip-hop artists in town, Pudge makes his album stand out with unique rhymes that makes it easy to visualize the stories he is telling. In particular, track 16, "Movie Night," follows the narrative of picking up movies from a local Denton Blockbuster (throwback to the 90's indeed) in pursuit of a movie date night.

The track starts off with a phone call to a girl that he’s been recently dating as he asks her if she would like to come over and watch movies with him. Following the call, Pudge lists off cult classic movies and actors, using the line “I’m about to go Frankenstein, Big Daddy laughter, T Daniel, and Gilmore happy." His bubbly delivery contributes to a mood of excitement, and the clever use of movie lines further adds to the originality of the song.

For those who feel that their knowledge of Denton hip-hop artists is lacking, this album is a great buffer for fans of 90's rap, lo-fi jazzy trap beats, and narrative rap - Two of Those Nights is available for download and streaming on Bandcamp.

Header image courtesy of Pudge Brewer
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