Monday Mixtape 8.20.2018

This week's Monday Mixtape is a reflection on two formative phases of my involvement with Denton's music scene. I'm feeling nostalgic since this is my last week of being editor of The Dentonite. I've spent the last 16 years being in and out of Denton, and I've been fortunate to have been involved with various projects supporting the scene. 

Fishboy - "The Contents of Your Pocket"

Fishboy was my first favorite band in Denton. After graduating high school in 2002 going to Deep Ellum for shows was less appealing, and I started frequenting Rubber Gloves. I wouldn't even check the lineup, I'd go hoping to find something new. With Fishboy, I found a songwriter who possessed a way with words. "The Contents of Your Pocket" is the first song I can remember them playing, and it's always the one I'll ask for if band founder Eric Michener starts taking requests. 

Cordelane - "Choke"

I discovered Cordelane alongside Fishboy as they played a lot of shows together. My Cordelane shirt from 2006 or so is the oldest shirt I have. They've written beautiful songs that still stick with me to this day. With songs like "Choke" and "Play Along," they were a source for songs dealing with the frustration of being in unhealthy relationships. 

Chomsky "Sigmund"

In 2019, it will have been 20 years since Chomsky released A Few Possible Selections. They headlined the first show I ever saw at Rubber Gloves. I walked away that night feeling like I had found a new home.

Eat Avery's Bones - "Tap Stick Titty Dick"

I went through a strange period between 2006 and 2012 where I wasn't as active in checking out as much local music. It's hard to say why, but I discovered Bonnaroo and my attention turned to national buzz bands. Then I volunteered with 35 Denton and saw Eat Avery's Bones do a bizarre punk rock set at Dan's Silverleaf that reminded me of what it felt like when I first started going to shows at Rubber Gloves.

The Boombachs - "In the Morning" (Denton Staged recording)

Denton Staged creator Anthony Najera was a Facebook friend I hadn't actually met before, but I lent him my camera to film The Boombachs doing a surprise performance at Atomic Candy. Even though I see the video, it still doesn't make sense to me how they cramped the whole band in there. Anyway, it's how I discovered The Boombachs and I try to catch every show they're at. 

Dome Dwellers - "Ivory Tower" (radio edit)

During the 3 year period I spent volunteering for 35 Denton, I still felt out of the loop. In 2014, I asked my friend Fey Sandoval, a photographer with Austere, for recommendations on what to check out. That's how I came to find Dome Dwellers performing in the basement of J&J's on what I remember as a rainy 2014 edition of the fest. There was a chain reaction that resulted from this performance. I took a photo that frontman Michael J. Slack had started using as a profile pic. A few months later I was floored to find he had been included as part of an art show I was helping organize. I loved his designs, and we've teamed up on projects since then. Anyway, I always dance to this song when they play it. 

Claire Morales - "Caravan" 

This is the first Sofar Sounds video I contributed to as a camera operator. It's also the first time I heard Claire Morales' music. As a person getting older, I dug the idea of a serene type of house show.

88 Killa - The List

While 88 Killa is primarily a Dallas/Ft. Worth rapper, he made an impact on me when Brain Gang performed at the raucous Taco Fest held at Taqueria Picante, which was next to the old Sprockets shop. After a recent resurgence with his music, it's good to see 88 Killa still putting out solid music. 

Header image photographed by Zack Huggins
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