Inside Empty Angel's First Music Video "Triptych"

trip·tych (n.)
A set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together.

A menagerie of musical influences pair with surreal imagery in Denton-based rock band Empty Angel's first music video. Released on Aug. 10, "Triptych" is a funky track with a driven bass line and soaring vocals from the group's godhead Nathan Clark - all aspects of the track were created by Clark, save the keyboard (Ian Clark) and the music video's trademark red pout, courtesy of filmmaker Tahnee Fennell. 

"The visual idea for the video actually inspired the title of the song," Nathan Clark said. Nowhere in the lyrics is the word "triptych" - so this checks out. However, the lyrics are poetic and self-critical. In disjointed phrases, Clark explores his dissatisfaction with himself: "Can't get through detached from the hurtin'/I've caused for who don't let it get too far." For the music makers involved, Empty Angels is an emotional and mental outlet - so much so, that phrase was imprinted in the press release. "A lot of aspects of myself, I'm not pleased with, and [writing music] gets my feelings out in a way that I see fit."

As for the music, Clark acknowledges that the musical style of "Triptych" and other Empty Angels tracks is eclectic. Clark emphasized the importance of taking complex concepts and making them accessible to every listener. "I wanted to go towards more rhythmic music, more hard-hitting stuff," he said, citing Brainiac and Kimbra as a few of his influences. "I tried to take as many styles as I could and apply them to something more applicable to other people." And it shows - the song features triplet phrases found in trap and mumble rap, as well as heavily 80's-influenced synths and bass - a trend present in most of today's indie/dream pop, conjuring to mind bands like Tennis or Men I Trust. The drum breaks are just that - breaks - featuring a cacophony of glitched-out noises. Even through the song's final emotional climax, where Clark shows off the extent of his vocal range, the song feels fresh, even after having repeated the chorus several times. 

Hats off to Empty Angels for an amazing first music video. Check our their single release Triptych/Kitsch on Spotify, as well as their February EP, entitled Augmented Reality for Ugly Lovers.

Header image courtesy of Empty Angel
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