Monday Mixtape: May 23, 2016

Monday Mixtape is your weekly dose of fresh music from Denton's top talent and up & coming artists. If you're a Denton artist and want to be featured on Monday Mixtape, please submit your music to (I swear to god we read our e-mails -- please keep sending us submissions and excuse our temporarily being behind on email!)

Listen to our track selects one-by-one further down, or enjoy an enhanced 10-track playlist here (including some other local, new-ish music too):

Paul Slavens - Change My Mind
Another new song from local writer, actor, and multi-talented musician, Paul Slavens for your Monday morning. "Change My Mind" is part of Slavens' upcoming releases of previously unreleased music he's made over the past forever many years. You can catch Paul Slavens & friends tonight, and most every Monday, at Dan's Silverleaf. 

Ryan Thomas Becker - Crush on Who (Prelude)
One minute and five seconds is not nearly long enough, Ryan. We need more. Asap. Thanks so much! Assuming this song will be followed by another song, or hell, even a new album? (*insert heart eye emoji*). We dig the prelude & think you will too.

AV The Great - Biggie Birthday Freestyle 2016
The Notorious B.I.G. would have been 44 years old this past Saturday, May 21. To honor the iconic rapper's birthday, AV the Great laid down a freestyle and posted it Sunday. "The best thing I ever did was believe in me," AV says, shining an encouraging light on his message.

Mz Bossy - Crown Me
Y'all. I cannot get enough of Mz Bossy lately. Although this song is not brand new, it has stuck with me over the last month. Sara "MzBossy" Cusack may be one of the only female Denton rappers I can think of off the top of my head; she is definitely one of my favorites in the DDFW market. 

Nikolai Rya - ALL BLACK
Anything with Elijah Heaps name on it automatically shines interest to my ears, and Nikolai Rya's new song "All Black" is no different. Rya's flow is smooth, dark, and pretty damn catchy. 

Tony Ferraro - You Are All That I Want
Ferraro's new single, "You Are All That I Want" is all that I want this morning. This song is a little more stripped down than what is on Ferraro's recent album, A Parrot Buys a Hotel, but is nothing shy of amazing.