Music We Love: Jessie Frye's new video for "Big Bad Wolf"

Jessie Frye has done it again. No accident or coincidence, this assiduous musician has racked up more than 14,500 views in just four short days on her new video for “Big Bad Wolf.” In fact, the video has gotten more than 2,000 views since I logged in twelve hours ago.

Frye is a true hustler. This girl won’t stop for anything or anyone; her eyes are set on the prize. If you’ve ever met her, or spent any time talking with her, you can tell one thing for sure: Jessie Frye is a real woman. She’s a total badass. She responds to every fan comment, she gets emotional when presented with emotion (total human), and she will give you a live performance like you’ve never seen. Frye works sedulously to achieve the next step in her career, the life of an up-and-coming pop-star.

“Boys come later,” Frye says. “Your dreams come first.” Her advice to girls interested in a pop career is simple and genuine. “Wanting it is not enough. You have to need it. You have to feel it so deeply in your bones that it becomes who you are.”

In her newest music video Frye channels her inner 90’s child, not that this is any different from her day-to-day attire or attitude. “I basically dress like that every day,” Frye says, “so it was cool to really be myself in the video.” Frye says she really connected with Johny Cane, one of the directors of the video, on 90’s culture, goth culture, and 90’s music.

As far as new music goes? Frye says “You can find me on my bedroom floor every night hashing out lyrics, chords, ideas, melodies, and concepts.” This bustling beauty has something special up her sleeves, though. “I am always working on something,” Frye says, “even if things seem quiet on the forefront, I am always hustling for something.”

"Big Bad Wolf" was shot by Think Brand Media
Directors/Producers: Johny Cane, Beau Ethridge, and Daniel Nanasi