Monday Mixtape 4.16.18

"Cordial ft. Isabel Crespo" - Heidi

Crystalline, silky, and otherworldly are possibly the only three words that could begin to describe Isabel Crespo's voice on this track, as well as the haunting melody she's written. In tandem with the ambient and floaty synth sounds, "Cordial" is straight out of a sci-fi platform game, or the soundtrack to a movie set far in the future. The song's effect on the ears is, in a word - clean - but there's something about track's progression and metallic effect that digs under your skin. This is the band's first release on bandcamp, but we're waiting with bated breath and sage incense for what producer Skyler Hill and Crespo will release next.

"One Thousand Bloody Nights" - Dieselbeast


For those who like to approach the beginnings of their weeks with more fury, Dieselbeast's latest self-titled album might do the trick; the furious and fervent drumming, vocals and guitar make it a perfect response to a 6 a.m. weekday alarm. With "One Thousand Bloody Nights" Dieselbeast chisels out a fierce anthem with Chris Morehead's melodic voice soaring over the aggressive riffs. Stream it only on their website.


"Milk on the Windshield" - Kites & Boomerangs

Last week, DFW-based band Kites & Boomerang celebrated the release of their latest album since 2016. The seven track self-titled album is unique in every way - right down to the memorable song titles. The album begins with "Milk on the Windshield," a cautionary tale of securing your groceries while braking at red lights (not really). Built around an infectious bassline, the song builds into a frenzy as the singer begs for reassurance, throwing the band into a chaotic thrash that is only reminiscent of calm, measured bassline the song began with. Listen to Kites & Boomerangs in its entirety, and take notice when your foot starts tapping unconsciously.

"An Occurrence in the Utah Mountains" - Randall Kirk Jones

Music for gardening, for drawing tea and doing a crossword, for pondering the infuriating state of current events and consumerism - Randall Kirk Jone's latest album All the Wonderful and Horrific is the perfect cocktail of gentle and soul-crushing. Every track is a wonderful display of Jone's innermost concerns and troubles, served to the listener on a glistening silver platter. For those who thought Father John Misty's Pure Comedy too pretentious, Jone's delivery of similar subject matter is so delicate and earnest that one can't help but lend an ear. Matched with whimsical instrumentation, featuring woodwinds, brass, and entire string sections, the songs are like lullabies for those who grow weary of the ever-changing headlines.

Header image courtesy of Dieselbeast
Header image design by Mallory Frenza