Owner of the late Rubber Gloves, Josh Baish, Arrested for DWI

A Denton police officer arrested Josh Baish, owner of the late Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, Friday morning for driving while intoxicated following the assault of a patron at Andy’s Bar downtown.

Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios closed its doors on June 5, 2016, after a 19-year run in Denton as one of the most renowned music venues. Bands such as At The Drive-In, Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, Boris, Rilo Kiley and much more shared the stage there. The venue was a staple in the Denton music scene. 

According to Denton police department’s spokesperson, Shane Kizer, the incident started when Baish parked in front of Andy’s Bar last night. “There was a man standing out there that he knew, he got in his face in the middle of them talking and he punched the guy in the eye,” Kizer told The Dentonite

Kizer said that Baish left Andy’s and someone at the bar called the police at 1:30 AM. Officer Colwell caught Baish as he was driving up to Rubber Gloves and arrested him for DWI. Baish was taken to Denton County Jail on the charge of DWI and assault with bodily harm. His bail is set at $7,500. 

Since closing, Rubber Gloves hasn’t done much in the public eye until their vague post on Facebook earlier this week, hinting at a future for the club in 2018. 

Rubber Gloves property is still for sale, following an announcement of the venue ceasing all operations in August. 

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