J&J's Expands Vegan Options

J&J's Pizza Expands Vegan Options

After recently converting back to a vegan diet, I was totally pumped to see J&J’s offer a vegan cheese option for their amazing pizza. A staple for doughy cheesy goodness in the community for 20 years, J&J’s serves consistent, reliable, delicious food and cold beer to the hungry mouths of Denton.

The cheese is a Daiya brand, distributed by Roma, and its primary ingredients include tapioca flour, sunflower oil, coconut oil, salt, and non-GMO expeller-pressed canola, and it damn near tastes like the real deal. The texture is creamy and takes nothing away from the experience of enjoying a slice from J&J’s.

I got mushroom and basil with vegan marinara, vegan cheese, and a soy-based garlic butter on the crust, and it was delicious. As a lover of all things pizza, it’s nice to have some additional options. Go grab yourself a slice and let us know what you think!


Header Image by Christopher Rodgers