Hickory Street Lounge Summer Cocktails

Hickory Street Lounge is back at it again with their always impressive seasonal cocktails, and this summer set holds nothing back. Simple mixtures, when brought together, create layers of flavor that are the heightened by the use of fresh ingredients.

Do yourself a favor and cool off in that glorious central air of the HSL and raise one to these dog days of summer. 

The Watermelon Lemonade combines fresh muddled watermelon, cracked mint, lemonade, and Tito's Vodka. The sweetness of the watermelon is balanced by the tart lemonade, and this easy summer sipper has the refreshing addition of mint for a cooling effect on the palate. Be careful, this sneaky cocktail is easy to drink and too perfect for patio weather.

HSL Limoncello Collins mixes Hendrick's Gin, Limoncello, simple syrup, seltzer water, and a dash of Sprite. This sweeter drink is refreshing and light in body, while the lemon complements all the floral notes of the gin. There's nothing like some bubbles to make a drink taste airy and not weighed down by its ingredients, and the seltzer does just that. This drink makes you feel like you need to be in a pool—stat. Tastes like summer, y’all.  

The Bluegrass Cocktail is an unexpected combination of Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Luxardo liqueur, fresh pineapple and lemon juice, topped with rosemary. The bourbon and pineapple are an interesting combination that will throw your tastebuds for a loop, but man, does it work. It’s a summery, citrus drink with a nice bourbon feel. The rosemary works as an aromatic, adding another unique element to the drink. There are even spicy notes, formed from the combination of flavors, that create a gentle heat to it despite the lack of such in the ingredients. For something that feels so complex, the cocktail is very simple, and the inclusion of fresh fruit adds a brightness that keeps it crisp and cool for these hot summer days.

The HSL Housemade Sangria is a mix of merlot, champagne, brandy, fresh cut lemons, oranges, apples, house lemonade, and is garnished with blueberries and lemon. It's fruity, delicious, light, and refreshing, with a deep merlot flavor. Brandy is a great add-on for any sangria, as it also comes from the grape family, and the addition of champagne adds some bubbles to the summer classic.

Hickory Street Lounge is a true Denton gem and is located at 212 E. Hickory Street, nestled between Rusty Taco and Hoochies. 


Photos by Ellie Alonzo
Header image design by Christopher Rodgers