Off the Loop: Verts

Verts Mediterranean Grill may not have been born in Denton, but it definitely fits the food culture of the community, offering fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and something for all palates and diets.

The restaurant has an open, airy, modern feel, and heck yes there is free WiFi, so you can grab one of their rice bowls or a pita while you knock out some work. With a concept similar to that of the beloved Chipotle, you go through a cafeteria-style line to pick your base. You can choose between hot and fluffy pita bread, romaine or mixed spring greens salad, a rice or quinoa bowl. From there you move on to the protein. In true Mediterranean form, you can see the meats cooking along the back line, and you have your choice of chicken, a beef and lamb mix, crispy falafel, or turkey and mushroom meatballs.

Finally, you can pick your toppings, and the options feel endless. Spiced chickpeas, cucumber tomato mix, red cabbage and carrot slaw, pickled onions or jalapenos, herb mixes, feta cheese, quinoa, spring or romaine salad, marinated green olives, and sumac onion, plus a seasonal option that currently features a hearty mix of grilled fennel, red onion, and butternut squash.

Verts offers a wide variety of sauces for your custom creation, and you can choose as many as you’d like. I am personally a huge fan of the spicy cilantro, adding hummus to soak up some of the heat. Other options include a creamy tzatziki, herb vinaigrette, house recipe, spicy red pepper, the hot harissa, or an eggplant dip.

Even though you have a mound of delicious morsels in front of you, there is no shame if you still feel like adding more. You can add sweet potato or regular fries, chips and hummus, more falafel, or a pita and hummus plate.

How are you going to wash all this amazingness down? I recommend one of the local craft beers on tap or in can. If a caffein buzz is more your style, grab a can of Black & Blue from Cuvee Coffee (also available on tap).  

My roommate and I each opted for the rice bowls with the meat and lamb mixture, and then proceeded to go toppings-crazy. The portions are huge, so you can definitely make lunch and dinner out of one order, or dominate the plate in one sitting. The prices are affordable and the high quality of ingredients makes it worth every penny. This is a business to watch, being named one of the 25 fastest growing fast casual restaurants in 2016.

The ambiance makes for a relaxing environment, and the staff is knowledgeable and patient as you pick your way through each part in the ordering process, always ready to offer up suggestions and let you in on their favs. Don't feel like making that many decisions? They have a menu of seasonal chef creations to make your dining experience nice and simple, with plate offerings showcasing the seasonal ingredients in bowls and pitas for all proteins, and even a consistent vegetarian option.  

Verts is located at 1715 S. Loop 288 #100, Denton, TX 76205.

 Header image design by Brittany Keeton