25 Years of TJ's + Your Art = Free Pizza for a Year

TJ’s Pizza is a Denton staple, and you know they feel the love having moved to a new free-standing building and are planning on expanding to a second location in Lewisville. I think my favorite person to see on my doorstep is a guy or gal sporting the TJ’s logo. That means there is a box of gourmet pizza amazingness waiting to be consumed, and my day is SO much better. Plus, they do wings, lasagna, and subs. Your munchies will thank you.

You can always count on them for quality ingredients and speedy delivery, it’s no surprise they are celebrating 25 years of faithful pizza delivery service to the Denton community. They are pulling out the stops to celebrate this momentous occasion, and are holding a contest where you could win free TJ’s pizza for a whole year. A WHOLE YEAR.

“TJ’s has been part of Denton’s DNA for the past two and a half decades. We have worked with, fed, and fed off the creative energy that Denton exemplifies. We ask that you “oh talented ones” share with us what TJ’s means to you and our wonderful community," pizza shop owner Chuck Trawick said.

The contest will run thru the end of March, cut off for submissions will be March 31 and winners will be announced the first week of April.

Submissions for the contest include any artistic expression that showcases what TJ’s means to you and the community. All submissions will receive full credit for their work. Details on how to submit your artwork below:

Send your submissions to TJSPIZZAWNT@GMAIL.COM with your name, Facebook
profile (personal or page), email address, and any additional contact info or social media
links you’d like to include.

● Submissions must be in digital format or uploaded into a digital format in order to be
uploaded into the contest album.

● An album will be created on the TJ’s Pizza Denton Facebook Page to navigate and house the contest submissions

● Submissions can include graphic/digital illustrations (JPEG/PNG), paintings/drawings (uploaded in HD format), videos (no longer than 1:30), and any photos or collages.

Header image design by Brittany Keeton