Milpa New Menu Roll Out

Milpa has seen some big changes over the past year, really staking their claim as the place for Mexican cuisine in Denton. The new menu offers vegan options inspired by George Landeros, owner of Milpa, immediate family (who are mostly vegan), plus unique and authentic additions that will make your decision on what to eat that much more difficult. That impressive margarita list? Even more options. It's a new year and a new chapter for Milpa. Get a sneak peek here at several new items that hit the menu this week!

The al pastor tacos are a personal favorite and my go-to for most taco cravings. Corn tortillas are stuffed full of pork and pineapple chunks that have been cooked in a red chile al pastor marinade, then garnished with cilantro and onions. Though it may appear to be a simple dish, the complexities in flavors that come from the homemade marinade are intensified by the citrus of the pineapple and lime. Also served with a side of rice, but for an extra kick: get a side of the roasted jalapeño salsa. - Tiffany Johnson

Vegetarians can delight in the sweet offering of a veggie enchilada topped with tomatillo sauce. It nearly resembles the inside of a cobbler, and it does have a sweet flavor that blends nicely with grilled zucchini squash and vegan cheese. The avocado garnish plays well with its creamy and cool flavor. On the side is a cup of black refried beans for a change of pace. Alternatively, the enchiladas can be topped with ranchero sauce. - Mateo Granados

The Mexican Volcano is aptly named and easily serves two. Presented to the table in a “molcajete” bowl, chorizo and melted cheese lies on a bed of sautéed onions, and spilling out is the juiciest fajita chicken, bold fajita beef, links of sausage, grilled baby cactus, and bacon-wrapped shrimp.  Served with grilled jalapeños, two sides of rice, charro beans, and all the tortillas you could need. - TJ

If you ate this meal blindfolded, this meal would taste like beef fajitas. The richly marinated portobellos can be placed in a warm corn tortilla with zucchini, squash, sautéed onions, and red and green bell peppers. It’s a soft and pleasant chew without being rubbery. This plate also comes with a side of refried black beans and salsa verde. - MG

The Mangonada Margarita combines a mango margarita, tahini, and chamoy with freshly chopped mango and lime slices to garnish. The combination of spice and sweet balances perfectly, and the freshness of the ingredients and handmade mixers shines through. Milpa kills it with their cocktails, and this variation of the Mango Margarita doesn’t disappoint. - TJ

The Cucumber Margarita is refreshingly light with crisp clean flavors, fresh lime juice, fresh cucumber, and a house-made cucumber infused tequila. The drink is bright, vibrant and the lightness of the margarita is a great pairing for any dish on the menu, bringing out citrus notes in the lighter dishes and cutting through the heaviness of others. - TJ

El Jefe punches in the same way it feels when music hits. Top shelf Tres Generaciones tequila is poured over a large cube of ice with fresh-squeezed lime, agave nectar, house-made simple syrup, and a sidecar of Jameson for delicious concoction of flavor. Tread lightly with this one, as its delicious flavor could have you asking for two or three by dinner’s end. - MG


Milpa rolls out their new menu additions today! Located at 820 S Interstate 35 E #101, Denton, TX 76205, Milpa is open from 10am-10pm Sunday through Wednesday and 10am-12am Thursday through Saturday. Keep up with them on Facebook, and we will have more details on the eagerly anticipated Milpa Food Truck later this week! 


Photos by Ellie Alonzo
Header image design by Brittany Keeton