Hannah's Extends Brunch to Saturdays

Hannah’s off the Square has been a Denton staple for the past 16 years, bringing an elegant fine dining experience to the square with a menu full of plates that excite the palette and utilize locally sourced ingredients. Sheena Croft has been the Executive Chef at Hannah’s since the doors opened in 2001, and has created a destination dining experience that Denton can certainly be proud of. 

 Executive Chef Sheena Croft

Executive Chef Sheena Croft

Now your Saturday morning is a little sweeter, or richer, because Hannah's has extended their Brunch menu to Saturday. "Brunch has become a social event and something to celebrate with friends and family, brunch seems very special. Much more apart of the community, the livelihood, and the happenings on the square right now are kind of the driving force of people enjoying brunch," says Croft. And this brunch menu is something to crawl out of bed for, and the most difficult part is committing to one of the many options on the menu. In addition, they also have daily specials that will have you second guessing your decision until the second mimosa arrives.

Brulee Oatmeal - Bananas Foster was the seasonal flavor for the weekend. Including a brulee sugar crust, two strips of applewood smoked bacon, and two scrambled eggs. The bananas had the perfect sear, adding some crunch to the texture of the plate and the caramel is just the right amount of sweet to go with the heartiness of the oatmeal. Those eggs though, two of the fluffiest scrambled eggs with just the right amount of salt. And bacon you guys, you can't ever go wrong with a side of Applewood smoked bacon. All the protein you could ever want on one plate to jump start your morning.

Skillet Huevos Rancheros - Shishito Pepper Hash, Borracho or Lime Bay Black Beans, zesty tomato salsa, sunny egg, made this morning tortillas, cotija cheese, cilantro, and the option to add local ham. The heat of the peppers, the savory ham and potatoes all create a flavorful combination of ingredients that brings all the Tex-Mex flavors together into one harmonious bite. The sunny side up egg mixed with the Ranchero sauce covers every bit of the hash, melding all the flavors together and make sure to try the Tomatillo Verde sauce if you are craving a little more heat.

Weekend Trout and Eggs - Cornmeal dusted pan fried trout, scrambled farm fresh eggs, caper tomato relish, served with a fresh fruit side. The ocean flavor of the fish is heightened by the citrus from the caper tomato relish on top, and the savory eggs make a perfect pairing. Come hungry, the generously sized filet and all those fluffy eggs are sure to fill you up. Everything is perfectly seasoned, and the fruit makes a nice light pairing to the plate. It's so simple of a dish, but the complexity of pairings is sure to take your brunch game up a notch.

Quiche Du Jour - homestyle recipes  - and for this weekend the feature was Spinach and Jack Cheese, Tender pie Crust, topped with a Parmesan Basil Cream Sauce, and served with a Tomato Soup en Crut. This classic French Quiche consists of an Egg and Cream mixture that is fluffy, light, airy, and oozes on to the plate with the cut of the fork. The pie crust is crisp and the cream sauce compliments the jack cheese and spinach, creating a deliciously savory bite. This is unlike an Quiche you have ever enjoyed, with the Egg and Cream just barely coming together to hold all the layers of ingredients, and adding to the flavor with the creamy consistency thats complimented by the crunch of the pie crust. And that Tomato Soup ya'll, you can get it any day of the week, thank goodness!

And the drinks, it's the best part of brunch right? Make sure to pace yourself, because the house made Bloody Mary is a meal in itself. The Mimosa has several juice options, so you can try a little of everything, but the prickly pear is their house specialty. The Coppertop Martini is one of the most popular drinks on the menu, and the perfect excuse to have Gin before noon. The martini  combines Hendricks Gin, Angostura bitters, fresh lime, and Yuzu juice.

Hannah's may be fine dining, but their portions will leave you taking home leftovers and as per typical brunch fashion, no one will judge you for grabbing a seat in your sweatpants and sunnies. Hannah's off the Square is located at 111 W. Mulberry St, and service begins at 11am. 

Header Image by Brittany Keeton